Eurogamer Interview: Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Starting with Space Channel 5 and moving on with titles like Rez and Lumines, Mizuguchi has become the leading explorer in a genre he calls "music interactives". Recent months have been quiet for him, with Xbox Live reissues of Rez and Lumines being the headline titles, but Mizuguchi and his team have new concepts on the way - and the designer himself has found a new creative outlet, as the producer, lyricist and music video director for high concept Japanese music act Genki Rockets.

Jetlag or no, Mizuguchi was on form in Tokyo. Although he couldn't reveal details of the firm's upcoming games, he was happy to hold forth about his views on his earlier games - not to mention media, interactivity, technology, and what the future holds in store for the human race. Read on for a glimpse at the teeming imagination of one of the medium's most unusual creators.

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