Hyrule Warriors Exists to Celebrate the Zelda Universe

Hardcore Gamer: Hyrule Warriors is a passionate tribute to one of gaming’s greatest series.

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ValKilmer630d ago

I fully agree. You know people thought this was a cash grab, but it's clearly a labor of love.

MultiConsoleGamer630d ago

I am really excited about it. I've always loved the Warriors series.


And celebrate it, I shall. Haven't played a Warriors game in a good while, and I like everything that I've seen. Though I've really grown to despise the practice, I'll probably pre-order this (well just regular order I guess, since my card won't get drawn from until the product actually ships).

Kevlar009630d ago

Finally get to play as Ganondorf for once...with swords. Plus he looks like he tried to morph into his Ganon form but didn't quite make it.

DryBoneKoopa85630d ago

Pretty stoked for Hyrule Warriors! I can't wait to jump in and see what other secrets are hiding within the game.

wonderfulmonkeyman630d ago

Same here; adventure mode is likely going to have some secret characters we haven't heard about yet to unlock, so I'm hoping to see Groose.XD

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