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5 Reasons Video Games Aren't So Bad After All

Video games have always received a bad rap. Maybe it’s because first-generation games—Pong, Space Invaders and the like—were little more than time-wasters with bad graphics. But all that changed long ago. There are now countless highly sophisticated, social-based games with devoted fanbases. Video games can certainly be addictive, sometimes with tragic results, and plenty of games are criticized for extreme violence. There is also the problem of all the sitting that goes along with gaming, and the detrimental health effects. (Culture)

SaveFerris  +   353d ago
Interesting article. It was the picture that drew me here though.
Grave  +   353d ago
Guilty as charged :-)
xHeavYx  +   353d ago
What article?
retro_  +   353d ago
Yup, me too. Id happily play with her :)
SolidGear3  +   353d ago
Boom shaka laka :3
equal_youth  +   353d ago
so is it games or is it society? it must be people Oo
DarkOcelet  +   353d ago
Been gaming since i was five , so thats 15 years and not gonna stop :)
Spore_777  +   353d ago
I fell for the trap. I knew I'd probably not see anything new such articles have to say but dat babe had me thinking "new study that links seduction and gaming? Oh boy!" *click, disappointed* :'(
Vantage  +   353d ago
Click-bait, throw it in the garbage.
SolidGear3  +   353d ago
Gaming since 1991 when I was 9. Not stopping either. In fact over the past few years I've gotten deeper into gaming than I ever was before. It's pretty much my life.
MNGamer-N  +   353d ago
That broad better get off my couch, gimme my controller and then make me a sammich. Hit it before I go to sleep, then I don't have to cuddle.
Douchebag696  +   353d ago
Man, us guys are easy. I too fell for the trap....
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Kribwalker  +   353d ago
Started on the coleco vision when I was 3, playing Qbert, then original NES in 1987, gameboy, game gear, super nes, n64, PS2, GameCube, Nintendo ds x360, wii, ps3, Xbox one, eventually wii u and PS4. Never been much for PC gaming but I've got my wife and 2 of my 3 kids into it, the last one being 3 months old, so a little early, though she sleeps on my chest a lot while I game ;)
OverlordMao  +   353d ago
only today there was 3 article with the title X reasons why blah blah blah on n4g.

They should band this kind of article. Its dumb and pointless.
johny5  +   353d ago
Something peaked my interest, but I haven't any Idea....
born_naughty  +   352d ago
Maybe it's different in Belgium but I've never noticed video games to have a bad reputation. Nobody ever looked at me strange because I said it's my hobby (they were looking strange anyway).

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