Far Cry 4 New Shangri-La Gameplay in 1080p

New Far Cry 4 gameplay showing Shangri-La

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kassler1316d ago

How are they gonna fit this in the game? With drugs or religion?

equal_youth1316d ago

maybe trough a story part driven by monks :D hope they get a good part of the game maybe as your guidance or a mentor character.

starchild1316d ago

I liked the trippy parts of Far Cry 3. They made it more interesting and varied to me.

waltyftm1316d ago

Not new, just a cut part of other trailer.

rajman1316d ago

The first 33 secs are from the trailer, the rest is new gameplay

Plagasx1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I don't know if I'm in to the whole alternate reality thing. Feels too out of place to me.

I hope it isn't apart of the main story. I want a more grounded storyline.

Neixus1316d ago

Cool, Shangri-La was in Uncharted 2 aswell :)

I like how they take those mythical things in games nowadays.

TimidPixel1316d ago

Very cool. It makes me think of the times in Far Cry 3 that you take a drug pill and remember what happened before the island, however these flashbacks are set in the far past in a mythological setting.