Microsoft to make "spectacular, desperate" play in E3 press conference

VG247: Following talk that Microsoft is to announce two new major games in its E3 press conference, videogaming247 has learnt from trusted sources that the announcements are to be "interesting, partly spectacular and a bit desperate."

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Fighter3809d ago

my guess is that it's the wii mote ripoff and the blu-ray drive. I wouldn't be surprised if they are able to buy more timed exclusives but I don't expect any major AAA titles.

NO_PUDding3809d ago


Or a game?

But It's too soon for anotehr Halo (or is it?) and Gears of War 2 is already on the horizon, so what are they actually going to do?

ericnellie3809d ago

I agree, timed exclusives are one thing but paying for a triple-A exclusive title may be a little too much money! =)
What the hell could it be - motion senseing? Whatever the case, I think beefing up their 2008 4th quarter line-up is a step in the right direction.

hideo kojima3809d ago hv too many bubbles for being an ignorant fanboy. Its says games can't u read.

360 man3809d ago

are you kidding me. if microsoft wanted to buy 30 AAA exclusives they could.
if there willing to pay 30 billion for yahoo then they can definately buy a few games

kewlkat0073809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

30+ billion like it's nothing.

@fighter they said games..buddy, read before you troll.

Whats up with the title>?

godofthunder103809d ago

this is the most bias article that i've ever read and ps3 fans that agree with it is just bias to.if ps3 fans admit the truth and check the facts before they agree that the 360 doesn't have any good games, then they will see that the 360 have some damn good exclusives that's comeing out in 2008.

here are just some exclusives that's comeing out this year

halo cronicles(not shure yet)

infinity undiscovery

halo wars

ninja gaiden 2

gears of war 2

too human

alan wake

fable 2

lost odyssey

two wrold pt2

splinter cell conviction


dead or alive 5

badjo koozt

crash bandicut

left for dead

and they have some others to

i think that the ps3 and 360 are both damn good consoles with good exclusives that's comeing out on them.ps3 fans wish that the ps3 had some exclusives that the 360 have and 360 fans wish that the 360 had some exclusives that the ps3 have.they have some fans from both system that will never say that the other system is good with good games because they are just bias and it's childish to act that way.the truth is that sony and microsoft doesn't give a sh*t about them all they care about is selling their consoles.

all companies lie to sell product.when i hear some ps3 fans saying that sony doesn't lie and they care about them, it makes me laugh.they alway talk about microsoft and how the 360 breaks and i agree with that but to say that sony cares more about their customers then microsoft is laughable.

when sony released the ps1 and 2 they both had a lot of problems with them, especially the ps2 with the drive they put in it.when you put a game in the ps2 it would say can't read disc even when it was a new system and after a few month it would say can't read disc %95 of the time. sony knew that something was wrong with the drive in the ps2 but lied and said that nothing was wrong with them because they didn't want to pay to fix took a lawsuit for sony to finaly admit that the ps had defected drives in them and they knew it all alone but didn't want to pay for their mistakes and they got away with finally fixed the drives in the new systems that they released to sell but for people like me that went through 5 of them in about a year and a half was just stuck with them because sony didn't give us an extra couple of months on the warrinty.i'm not saying that microsoft does every thing better then sony because it's not true and vice versa but atleast microsoft gave everyone a 3 year warrinty when the 360 started haveing problems and unlike sony microsoft didn't have to get sued to fix it like sony and microsoft only cares about makeing money and like i said they will lie to do it as a matter of fact both companies did already.

if people want to play all the great games that they have out they will need both systems.i tired of hearing fans from both systems saying that all the games sux on the other system because if the same games that they say sux was on the system that they have they would say that they are great games.

like i said above i'm not picking any sides but when i hear a fan from one system claim something that's not true and i know it's not and i could find something to prove them wrong i'll post it.i've read where one ps3 fan said that the ps3 have more exclusives out on the ps3 then the 360 and it's wrong,i'm not saying that all the exclusives are better on the 360 but it has more exclusive for it then the ps3 have and here's the article i've found to prove him wrong

i know every one will disagree with me especially ps3 fans but before they do i wish that they check their facts first because the fact is that sony was sued over the ps2 because of the defected drive and sony knew it but kept saying nothing was wrong with them and the 360 does have more exclusives then the ps3 and all they have to do is check up on it but i know that they want and just call me names and say i don't know what i'm talking about and if this article was vice versa the 360 fans would be calling me names just because i posted the facts.

here's the article on who have more exclusives

The investigatory-journalism notes that the Xbox 360 offers 48 exclusive games with the help of a one-year head start (48% of which are first-party), the PS3 has a total of 35 games (51% of which are first-party), and Wii represents with 40 titles (35% of which are first-party). Hit the read link for the full list of exclusives by console according to the games blog

Jandre023809d ago

They needed a loan to buy Yahoo. LOL.

And why waste money buying games WHEN NO ONE BUYS YOUR CONSOLE. They aren't fanboys, and if the business isnt bringing in billions they waste billions just to buy AAA games no one will buy on their system anyways.

Microsoft has lots of money, but their purpose for the Xbox including HD-DVD, digital downloads, and Live memberships have already been ruined this generation. Now they are in it just for face, and face is the videogame industry isnt worth billions.

Kaneda3809d ago

new game will be BigLittleAsteriod.. :)

3809d ago
PR0F3TA3809d ago

what does being american have to do with anything related to this article... we may look dumb to you, but you just proved your about as smart as a shoe

Bladestar3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

@killax3563 - lol... funny you are trying to use examples like GTA4 DLC to prove microsoft failure yet it's not even out... or how you call Rare a failure... microsoft is using rare to capture a very difficult demographic.. the casual gamer.. that in case you didn't know Sony is yet to break... You are also speaking about microsoft which is very profitable...

I don't even know why I am replying to someone that can't tell the difference between a software company and a car manufacturing company... microsoft had a game studio and was making PC games and gamepads and even contributing with the creation of other consoles like dreamcast... do your research boy before calling people stupid and not knowing these facts. Not to mention their involvement in the creation and ownership of 1 of the 2 biggest graphics/game SDK/API DirectX... Microsoft is being involved in the game industry for a long time.. creating tools for developers to make games and you are comparing them to Toyota? damn you think americans are dumb? I am not going to ask you where you from because you telling me your nationality would be an insult for your people and any school your probably attended...

oh and about Iraq... don't blame americans for that when a handful of people made a decision... americans werent asked to vote to go to war. and when americans helped so many nations during the first and second world war no one was complaining... and at that point americans weren't that stupid ehh?

killax35633809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )


b/c 'oh they have plenty of money' is the dumb response u get from us citizens. u guys always make the same mistake. always....u guys never learn.

ms is profitable? yeah because they have a monopoly. doesn't take much brains to make money from a monopoly.

your utility company is also very profitable...because they have a monopoly.

oil companies are also very profitable b/c they have no competition....have u ever tried to put anything other than gasoline in ur car? u can't b/c there's no solar cars, no hydrogent cars, no ethanol cars (xcept for a handful).

Bladestar3809d ago

ohh the monopoly argument again... cry me a river... that argument is old and dumb and proven not truth in so many cases...

if microsoft is such of a monopoly explain:
- Why firefox is now becoming the #1 browser?
- Why MSN is not the #1 search engine... google is?
- why Nintendo is selling more consoles than the xbox 360?
- why Ipod is more successful than the Zune?

The fact is that if any company.. non microsoft included makes a great product that apeal to the mass market people will use it... period..

Microsoft didn't put a gun on people's head to use windows or office or the xbox 360... there are always other alternatives like linux and MAC... they always being there...

Microsoft won the browser war against netscape because it was better... and now microsoft is losing it to firefox because firefox are doing a good job... same goes with google... who's fault is that?

I find it interesting that when microsoft comes with a product people are willing to pay... it's a monopoly but when another company does no one says anything... why is that? there is an alternative to every product you can think of.. just because I buy a Honda over Ford does not mean Honda has a monopoly... also just because a company has more resources than me and can make a better product does not mean that's a monopoly.

AceLuby3809d ago

But M$ does have a monopoly on PC OS's. The competition they have is Linux, which is free and not particularily user friendly for the avg consumer, or Apple's OS, which you can't install on anything except a PC made by apple which is usually double the cost of a PC. So if you want a PC OS that is easy to use you have one option and that is Windows. Every PC manufacturer includes uses Windows and includes it in the cost of the PC. This is also by far their most profitable division.

Xi3809d ago

can be installed on any PC you want.

AceLuby3809d ago

But it really doesn't matter. You can't walk into ANY store and ask for a PC w/ a mac OS on it. I don't even know of any that have Linux on there. That means if you go buy a non-apple PC, M$ is getting some of that money because the OS is pre-installed on it. There's no choice in it, just like you can't choose who your power company is you can't choose an OS out of the box either. There's a word for that...

BWS19823808d ago

before you go spouting off a conviction on someone's intelligence, try and learn some grammar and debating skills...secondly, this isn't about nationality or some cultural pissing match. It's E3, calm down. I am American, I'm not dumb, I learn very well, and I buy whatever works well, regardless of global orgin. I feel 360 has an amazing lineup with some sketchy hardware, and the PS3 has awesome hardware and features with some killer apps and prospects as well, and the Wii has a novel idea and a few brilliant games. Between the two of 360 and PS3 though, I say flip a coin and enjoy the result, because there's no reason to reject a certain product due to it's manufacturer's base country, the same way I don't discriminate against a person just because they come from country X or Y.

plenty a tool3808d ago

a platform holder announcing two as yet unannounced games at a gaming convention??????

that's just the height of desperation! i cant believe a platform holder could act so desperately. announcing games at a game convention

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running rampid3809d ago

halo kart
master chief and fenix at the olympic games.

seriously though i hope it's the fourth installment for halo franchise.

somelikeithot3809d ago

hah hah hah superb comment!!!

My guess would be another FPS game.

beavis4play3809d ago

just 2 and a half hours till i can pick up MGS4.

crck3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Halo Crossing?

Halo Xtreme Volleyball: Do the Dew. Sponsored by Moutain Dew

The Legend of Cortanna: A Data Stream to the Future?

Perfect Dark Merc Party?

Seriously though I'd like to see a Dead Rising 2 on both or either system.

hideo kojima3809d ago

HOw about MGS5, FF XXII, RidgeRacer 9 ? See how much sony can milk them as well

NO_PUDding3809d ago

Team ICO is the only thign I trust, they won't milk, and they will just create stuff.

E3 please brign info on ICO3!!!


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mjaruzel7773809d ago

Master Chief takes off his helmet and its Bruce Willis

ravenguard883809d ago

Made my day. Thanks for that image.

Halo The Movie: Die Hardest

ThatArtGuy3809d ago

I was thinking more about his astronaut suit in Armageddon.

MK_Red3809d ago

I hope one of them is KI3. Man, that fighting game is gonna own.


100% agree,

fulgore has to be my favorite character from any 1v1 fighter. i felt like he really was a complete killing machine.

he had every move you could think of to make him practically untouchable, and he was so underrated. Once i started using him that was it, no one could touch me.

what i would like is not a new ki, but an arcade perfect conversion. Not the Nes version.

Daver3809d ago

I prefer Saberwulf or chief thunder :)

kewlkat0073809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )


MK_Red3809d ago

Cinder FTW!

But seriously, more fighting games sould have blood and violence in them.


kudos !

Saber wolf was the only one i found to be a big threat to fulgore, he was the only you can sit and wait with.

none else could do that.... if you know what i mean.

green3809d ago

Orchid for me and Kim Wu from KI Gold.

N4g_null3809d ago

I hate rare but that would be cool.

Halochampian3809d ago

I am just going to ignore all the BS that you wrote.

but for that last statement. Did you buy the Xbox??? Because that had to be the most durable systems ever.

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Robearboy3809d ago

Microsoft will never be desperate, if they ever get that desperation feeling then they will simply buy someone or something to take it away, my personal opinion is that the 2 secret games will be KI3 and dead rising 2

Condoleezza Rice3809d ago

I'm sorry but where have you been these past few...20 years or so?They've been buying out their competition and any direct threat to their business for years and years now,heck,in 2008 alone we've seen them go after Yahoo! in what a lot of people consider a desperate attempt at slowing down Googles increasing momentum in the Search and Online Ad market.

Now back on topic;I think 1 of the 2 games will be a cross between 2...or 3 popular franchises,the other game I have no idea.

ravenguard883809d ago

I call smart business tactics.

Just because a person or a company does what is within their control to keep ahead of the competition, doesn't mean they're desperate, it means they're smart enough to realized that being a name brand only goes so far. Microsoft, from what I've seen recently, it isn't about talk, it's about action, and I can definitely respect that.

ThatCanadianGuy3809d ago

An over-priced "console" that looks like an old dell modem
a 1.6 in 10 chance a brand new one will overheat and fry on you.(RROD)

If the system is knockd over,tiled it'll sound like a chainsaw and sratch the disc,dont belive me? try it..

Then there's the disc jamming problem,non self-loading drive

People calling Microsoft saying there XBL download content went missing.And they were told to just buy it again.

People's freind/message's dissapering on XBL

And seriously,name ONE console EVER where gamers have to wrap towels around it?

maybe if M$ spent all that money on a reliable peice of hardware instead of bribes and viral marketing tactics,i MIGHT consider buying it.

Lcarrero53809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Staying ahead of your competition is one thing.
Buying them up and being the only one out there is another.
(Referring to the os on pc's thing)

No one likes EA having no competition on the football gaming front. It brings down the lvl. of quality. Better said you don't inovate and try better and new techniques when your the only one doing something.

The Lazy One3809d ago

"f the system is knockd over,tiled it'll sound like a chainsaw and sratch the disc,dont belive me? try it.."

yes... this phenomenon is exclusive to the 360. /sarcasm

If you're so confident in that statement take your PS3 with MGS4 inside and knock it around.

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