What is Resolution?

While playing games and talking about the graphics of a game we will surely hear about the word ''Resolution'' . So here we will get to know what resolution is. How it effects graphics and performance of game. So let's get started.
Actually ''Resolution is the total number of Rows and Columns of Pixels displayed on the screen''. The number of rows-columns are shown in the format of WidthxHeight. For example 1920x1080 means 1920 rows of pixels and 1080 columns of pixels (Total 2073600 Pixels) on screen. But what is a Pixel?

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hkgamer1583d ago

waste of an article and people dont care. the internets just want that 1080p tag which everyone seems to talk about. my tv same as everyone elses is 1080p but who acgually has 1080p content?

well its just pixels, makes picture sharper and needs a strong cpu/gpu. though using those respurces may mean other effects or framerate may suffer. but do people care how the game looks? no we just want 1080p/60fps tag so that we can brag about our consoles and the other console cant do that.

notice how pc gamers dont care about that tag. they care a out keeping a smooth framerate and possibly maxing other effects to their liking.

AndrewLB1583d ago

Any gaming pc with even a moderate graphics card has no problem running 1080p, so that's not an issue for us. And you're correct about effects like anisotropic filtering, anti-aliasing, supersampling, and various types of filtering are very important.

I run just about everything at 1600p downsampled to 1200p. That way It removes the jaggies without having to use anti-aliasing and it keeps the textures perfectly sharp.

ATi_Elite1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )


PC Gamers know their equipment and what it is capable of. 1080p means nothing to most of us because if I can Max a game out graphically (Ultra Settings or a High Texture Graphics mod) then I'm going to do that.

Even if it means I have to drop my resolution down to 900p or 720p to maintain 50fps or higher with NO dipping during intense onscreen events.

seeing a game in all it's graphical glory at a smooth frame rate is more important than 1080p.

I've been there before and have had to sacrifice Resolution for the sake of Ultra settings and smooth frame rate.

I would sacrifice:
resolution first, 900p or 720p does not bother me as long as I'm still on Ultra settings.

Next I would sacrifice Shadows and God Rays, shadows are important in gameplay as you can see a shadow of some camper hiding around the corner but they hog resources. God rays just look so cool and can blind you if dynamic.

Next I would sacrifice FPS down to no lower than 45fps Vsync. 30 vsync is cool but not as fluid as 45 vsync. But of course I prefer 60+ but in sacrifice mode 45 vsync is as low as I'll go.

Any lower than 45fps then i would sacrifice Graphic Settings.

but trust me there have been many many days of me playing at 800x600 low settings feeling NO SHAME but still having fun.

My high dollar stuff today is cool but back in the day struggling to barely run a PC Game brings back lots of happy memories as those were some of my greatest memories of PC gaming.

800x600, low settings, Dial up, a used PC with 512mb ram and 800mhz CPU 3Dfx GPU that was always two degrees from melting down lol, sitting in the dark, using a generic mouse with a sticky button, while sitting in an uncomfortable chair but having the time of my life on some P.O.S. beige monitor.

windblowsagain1583d ago

I fully agree with your statement.

For BF4 I want as close to 60fps or more as I can.

For some games, 30fps is fine. Even Watchdogs at 30fps is fine. As long as the game or games stay at 30.

It's when you get massive drops or weird things going on, you have to drop settings etc.

Alot of these Games are not optimized for PC.

donthate1582d ago

As you guys said above, but resolution is only important up to a point, but stable frame rate is more important.

That is why Eurogamer pointed this fact out on the Diablo 3 analysis, where the Xbox One version (pre-patched) at 900p ran smoother and better (and was preferred) than the PS4 version at 1080p.

The question then becomes, what happens when Xbox One version also gets 1080p?

Maybe I would prefer to switch back to 900p? Is that even an option?

masterfox1583d ago

is something that people do at every years end.

ATi_Elite1583d ago

Resolution is the boundary for which determines the amount of Pixels can be displayed.

The more Pixels the greater the detail and graphical fidelity.

The higher the resolution the more Pixels and the less amount of post processing needed for a high fidelity picture.

1080p I use 8 or 6xMSAA

1200p I use 4xMSAA

1600p I use 4 or 2xMSAA

4K I use 0 or 2xMSAA

j0ncap1251583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

4096x2160 is the resolution I will be plaing MGS:V at.

LordofPwn1583d ago

The author doesn't know what they are talking about. Got their rows and columns switched around...

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