Beautiful Witcher 3 artworks unleashed at Gamescom

The newest artworks from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC have arrived directly at Gamescom.

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ATi_Elite713d ago

who needs some old stinking artwork when TW3 will be rendered so beautifully on your platform of choice very soon.

TW3 looks beyond fantastic.

ahmedghoula713d ago

6 months ain't soon... i'll take anything i can get now, although more gameplay would be a lot better..

FalloutWanderer2077708d ago

"who needs some old stinking artwork" WOW. Just ...yeah. The artwork is incredible!

EdoubleD713d ago

Holy eff hat bear armour looks awesome.

Gamer-40713d ago (Edited 713d ago )

This is a game!

Snookies12713d ago

Yes, yes it most certainly is.