Alien: Isolation - PC Build Versus PS4 Build Video Comparison

CVG has shared a video comparison for Alien Isolation, showing off the differences between the PC and PS4 versions of the Creative Assembley’s sci-fi survival horror.

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fonger081376d ago

I feel like if they adjusted the brightness settings on the PS4 they would essentially look about the same.

Irishguy951376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Yeah, PC is the Ps4 as Ps4 is to Xbox 1

'Essentially the same' describes the minor differences between them until next year or so when PC jumps ahead again

Army_of_Darkness1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Yeah, aside from the brightness they both look nearly identical.

@ATi what's there to laugh about to begin with?? Cause I certainly don't see anything wrong with the ps4 version.

Ve_Chuy1376d ago

YOU WRONG!!! in pc look so much better and you can use the resolution you want if you pc can handle it 4k resolution look so much better than 1080p of ps4.

Alexander1Nevermind1376d ago

PC Version looks sharper. Better lighting and Fog animations as well. PS4 still looks good though.

TheWow1376d ago

The main differences on games these days are things like lighting, shadows, and bigger textures,, as well as resolution. Most of these things are hard to see in online videos.
I'm just sick of people saying "oh, it's the TV's settings / brightness that's all"

starchild1376d ago

Exactly. Just because people can't see huge differences in the videos they start proclaiming that they're essentially identical. Unless it's the PS4 version compared against the XB1, in which case suddenly they can see major differences.

The quality differences are easily noticeable when you have both versions and can switch back and forth on the same display. I have done this with quite a few games and the differences are usually much bigger than these internet videos would lead you to believe.

ATi_Elite1376d ago

if they adjusted the brightness settings then the PS4 version would not run at 1080p 60fps. it's dark for a reason my friend. Also some textures are not present.

give and take to get 1080p 60fps but a BAD decision by Devs, I feel they could of done better.

anyway its a low graphical game so no one gives a hoot what the comparisons are because the PC version would receive a graphics mod to push things to the next level.

I'm not gonna laugh at the PS4 like Sony fanboys do the XB1 especially on a low graphical game as this.

............goes back to playing BF4 PC.

thisismyaccount1376d ago

Is that really the best they could accomplish? The characters look outdated already, last gen assets like.

I don´t get it, there are games out there already, which look better overall like As.Creed 4, running at 1080p 30fps with a muuuuuuuuuch bigger draw-distance, rendering 100 more times/things on screen.

How come does this rail/corridor turd of an alien-ripoff game not look as good as the pc at 1080p? There is ZERO action going on the screen, it only has to render few objects and 2 walls, a ceiling and a floor..If you really think, the PS4 will look that "washed out", think again.

And for some reason, they´re the only ones (youtube as of 13/8/14) to get a first glimpse? on the ps4 version... okay.

starchild1376d ago

What the hell are you talking about? The character models look great. Geometry and skin shader wise they look excellent. Far better than any last gen character models.

Don't be butt hurt just because you think the version on your favorite console looks worse. I'm sure it will look a lot better when you actually play it.

thisismyaccount1375d ago

Yeah, an Alien Game with an unrecognizable Ripley.

Here how she once looked in the game :

The 2014/8 Edition (YT Video)

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Genuine-User1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

CVG's capturing device used for PS4 is not configured properly, something is wrong with the gamma, brightness and contrast.
Graphically both versions of the game look almost identical.

Rob_Ko1376d ago

looks like someone messed with gamma on PS4

lonelyplayer1376d ago

The difference is 400 vs 3000

Daniel_Potter1376d ago

It only costs 400$ to make a pc that runs as well as a PS4
Don't be mad at us, be mad at Sony for picking mid range hardware for their system

1886afc1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

you can buy a gtx750ti for 119$ which is equal to a ps4. which means if you have store bought desktop pc with a dual-core, $119 will turn into a machine capable of ps4 graphics.

Kane221376d ago

there is no way the ps4 version looks like that.

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