Are you prepared for Metal Gear Solid 4?

PSU writes:

What are you doing to prepare for the long night of gaming ahead? Don't be shy either, if you're planning on cosplaying as Solid Snake, sitting on your couch in the dark, and playing until the sun comes up, let us know.

Are you one of those people who takes on a ritual in order to enjoy and savor the fact you just stood in a line at midnight for the next hot gaming title? Perhaps you're just one of those gamers that rips the shrink wrap off and throws it into his console for the next 30 days of nothing but gaming heaven.

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Blackcanary3813d ago

I am ready to go my room is feeled with snakes for when i'm hungry and now i am ready to live the Dream cause My MGS4 just came in the Post.

Kaz Hirai3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

We are gathered here today to say goodbye the absolute worst “console” in history. Home to some of the most shocking FLOPS the gaming industry has ever seen, the FLOPbox 360 will always be remembered for letting everyone down. It’s last-gen “games” would struggle to run in true HD and would be infected with horrific technical glitches. Not only would it set 85% of it’s owners on fire, it decided to destroy the Christmas of 2007 when it’s online “service” completely collapsed.
As if destroying Christmas for millions of children wasn’t enough, the FLOPbox 360 would enforce it’s tyrannical reign by FORCING it’s PIG fanbase to pay for the simple privelige of playing online. Despite having to pay for the service, Xbox Live would be swarming with DIMWITTED, GUTTER-MOUTHED BEASTS who dedicated their lives to spreading racist, slanderous FILTH across the gaming community.
Luckily, the FLOPbox 360 met it’s well deserved demise at the hands of Emperor Kutaragi’s PerfectionStation 3, a truly majestic console we can all be proud of. FLOPbox 360- you have been condemned to the depths of console hell with the Sega Saturn, 3DO, Gamecube and of course, your predecessor, the original FLOPbox. Judgment has been passed.


Rest in Piss, FLOPbox 360. November 22nd 2005- June 12th 2008.


Fishy Fingers3813d ago

Got a TV? A PS3? Copy of MGS4?

Your prepared! Now go blow your mind!

xg-ei8ht3813d ago

Agreed fishy fingers, my friend has his copy already and i must say it's truly epic, everyone should play this game, if you don't own a ps3 you are missing out on something amazing.

I must add, if you've watched the Gametrailers review in hd, you'll see the graphics look amazing, the story, camera angles, art direction, everything in this game is stellar. I am truly shocked that this game did not recieve a 10/10 from gt.

Get a ps3 and get this game.

Graphics 10/10 for true realism.
Sound 10/10 soundtrack, all audio is so well done.
Gameplay 10/10 so many ways to fight.


juuken3813d ago

Well...I have to finish my classes and go home first with my copy and a brand new Dualshock 3 first. xD