The Evil Within Season Pass announced

With the release of The Evil Within fast approaching, Bethesda announced today that the game will get a Season Pass when it launches this October.

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Hanso1311d ago

not day 1 anymore
more day GotY Version :/

Baccra171310d ago

More like day 1 rental if the reviews sound good.

theshredded1311d ago

this ruined it for me
unless the game is really good, I'll buy

DarkOcelet1311d ago

I wish this dlc crap go away , its ruining alot of games .

HanzoHattori1311d ago

I never buy DLC unless it's a completely separate, stand-alone game. I have never bought a season pass for any game and I never will.

Genova841310d ago

That's the strategy I adopted after bioshock infinites dlc burned me.

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