Best Xbox Exclusives: Knights of the Old Republic

From Cinelinx:

When the original Xbox first hit the scene, I could not have cared less. I was a Nintendo/Sony fanboy through and through and refused to so much as glance at Microsoft’s system...until a particular game came to the system exclusively. A game that wanted to challenge a player’s morality within a game, providing real consequences for actions, and an affect on the overall story. Best of all, it was all set within the Star Wars universe. I couldn’t pass it up, and it remains on the strongest games to have ever graced a Microsoft console.

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DVS-Zev1349d ago

This was my jam back in the day.Everybody was hyping Halo at the time but i never got why.This and Jade Empire were such better games

imt5581349d ago

KOTOR and KOTOR 2 are the best Star Wars games ever made. Play it!:)

BigPimpin1348d ago

Everyone keeps asking for remakes of certain games those 2 that you mention should really be considered for getting a remastered edition also Kotor 2.

darklordzor1349d ago

I really want them to come out with a remastered, or simply a new collection of them together for the new generation. Just something I can play through again on the consoles would be nice.

Feriku1348d ago

Phil Spencer expressed interest in that, so there's a chance!

King_of_Nothing1348d ago

Loved KOTOR, wish we could get a new one or something similar for ps4 and xb1

Agent20091348d ago

BioWare is producing a new Star Wars game, so it's safe to assume it's going to be something in the same vein of KotORs.

King_of_Nothing1348d ago

Thats awesome news! I wasn't aware Bioware was actually working on a new Star wars game. Thanks!

equal_youth1348d ago

ms should finance the remastered versions and bring KOTOR 3 on track.

Grave1348d ago

Game was great on PC. Really hope they bring another one. SWTOR didn't quite strike the same nerve.

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The story is too old to be commented.