MGS Europe: We will never cancel a game

Once Microsoft Game Studios Europe signs a game, they will never cancel it says business development manager Peter Zetterberg.

"Maybe we sometimes announce them earlier than we should, but we stick with them, we have our resources team work with them as much as we can," he told

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sonarus3839d ago

lol sorry is that a shot at sony?

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3839d ago

yeah sounds like a eight days getaway reference and coming from europe i wouldn't doubt it.

somelikeithot3839d ago

yeah it was pretty cheap when you consider the fact that microsoft own studio's are much smaller than the likes of sony.

thesummerofgeorge3839d ago

They take what they can get. Maybe it's just me but it seems like Microsoft takes considerably more shots at Sony than vice versa.

kazuma3839d ago

lol maybe microsoft forgot how many studios sony has, 20 worldwide. there are like 6 in europe, oh and also let's not forget that sony doesn't have the same amount of money as to hold or cancel some titles than releasing crap

NO_PUDding3839d ago

Yes, Microsoft won't cancel games, but they will just copy Sony 1st party games.

And a definate shot at the 8 Days and Getaway situation. Thye are so spiteful and udnerhanded. It sickens me, and makes me feel embarassed there is actually such insolence about.

wolfehound223839d ago

Well not sure but didn't Sony just stop work for the time being on Getaway and 8 days. They never canceled them just refocused work in other areas for the time being. So if this was an attempt to attack Sony epic fail on M$ part.

Escamotage3839d ago

Right. Microsoft and Sony make the same amount of money. When was the last time a CEO of Sony was on the richest people in the world list?

Mu5afir3839d ago

they don't have many games in the pipeline to make that comment. Again, what has MGS studio DEVELOPED? As far as I can see, so far they have only produced games.

ScentlessApprentice73838d ago

They are known to create and rush something and shove it out the gate without optimization and careful retrospection of the product (xbox 360 anyone?)

Bob Dole3838d ago

Yeah and those scratched Halo 3 discs. These kinds of things just shouldn't happen.

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SaiyanFury3839d ago

And considering the fact that MS seems to pay off developers to develop games on 360, why would they want to cancel games?

titntin3839d ago

Seems like a cheap shot as suggested.

All development houses cancel titles for very valid reasons. Sometimes it takes some development of an idea to see it is a fatally flawed concept, or sometimes the ideal of the core concept is simply not achievable.
In these kind of cases, its important that a development house knows when to give it up and start on something more worth while. Every long term game developer knows this, so to say you'd never do it is really daft...

Bob Dole3838d ago

Duke Nukem Forever anyone?

Fighter3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

MS will not cancel any games because they will sell their studios to EA or Activision for a good price and those games will probably still be made by third party publishers.

*I'm referring to the studios that made Mass Effect and PGR4 which were once first party developers under MS.

LostChild3839d ago

They should tell the other half of MGS, who cancelled Marvel Universe Online to do the same thing. I so looking forward to that game.

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