European PSN Content: 12th June 2008

Today's European PSN Store Update:

PS3 Demos:

Quake Wars
Monster Madness

Additional Media:

Guitar Hero III Track Pack
Haze Developer Interviews
Pixeljunk Monsters Themes

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Silogon3834d ago

Awesome, Monster Maddness demo that's cool as hell. I wish we got that over here, actually.

paul_war3834d ago

That really is it, I've just checked.

I don't care if it is MGS 4 day today, I still expected better.

kosha3834d ago

They had been giving us loads of new content untill this week so give um their due. Dissapointing though.

Fishy Fingers3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Any news on what Konami/Kojimas "surprise" will be for MGS buyers?

(slightly off topic but thought it might of been something on the PSN)

ps... if anyone on my PSN friends list is playing Quake wars and not MGS tonight their getting deleted ;)

Blackcanary3834d ago

Fishy add me to ur PSN friend list just got my copy of MGS4 gonna start playing it now the MGS4 story and dream starts today woohoooooooo.

PSN ID: BlackCanary.

TheExecutive3834d ago

I second fishy's motion. Nobody better be screwing around with quake wars.

Look me up;

PSN ID- TheExecutive

Rama262853834d ago

2 Demo's = I'm happy. I was actually wanting a Quake War's demo cause I'm unsure of what to think of that game at the moment. I was thinking of renting to make up my mind, but this demo has saved me a couple quid :)

Daver3834d ago

i rented it last week.. it is a bad game but you will make yourself your own opinion with the demo

Rama262853834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I personally love demo's and I'm surprised there aren't more of them with every game coming out. It can really go two ways though, as you can play the demo and hate it straight away (and not buy it), or you could love it (and buy it). So I can understand some studio's not wanting to take the 'risk' of releasing a demo; but then again they should be confident in their work!

The Civilazation demo is a good example to me of how demos can go well. I really wasn't sure of what to expect, having played it on the PC many moons ago and wasn't planning to buying the game due to other games coming out this month. So I downloaded the demo to try it out and pretty instantly become hooked! I've now preordered the game and awaiting to get my fix tomorrow :) But without that demo I wouldn't have bought it, so they've gained a customer by simply releasing a demo....

PainisCupcake3834d ago

Haze Developer Interviews? I take it these are not new ones riddled with shameful apologetic statements after that pile of arse was released?

TheExecutive3834d ago

I just lol'd in my pants...

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