PyroBlazer Trailer

See the psychedelic shooter in action.

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PS360WII3838d ago

Not bad a futuristic racer for the Wii is needed. Seems alright so far

DeckUKold3838d ago

Than I saw it for PSP and now I don't want it anymore.

MK_Red3838d ago

Wow, looks surprisingly good. Hopefully it get's a bit faster.

PS360WII3838d ago

Yeah I was thinking that too. So far I haven't played a game like these that had as fast pace action as much as Star Wars Pod Racer for N64. That was intense and had plenty of pods and accessories to play with ^.-

N4g_null3837d ago

This does look good! Man this is a surprise!

Powered by Eipix's proprietary Ultra Engine and Ageia’s PhysX middleware, the game offers racing and sci-fi fans an experience unlike any other in the genre.

No hype just videos I like that. I may have to get this... excite truck controls and online play too and it's going to be very sweet some of the blazer design are really good too.