80° MGS4 Media Blowout

New MGS4 Game play Videos from

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1: MGS4 Review
2: VR Firing Range Game play
3: Chameleon Camo Game play
4: Play Boy Magazine Game play
5: Gunner Truck Game play
6: Mansion Game play
7: Motorcycle Mayhem Game play
8: Cinematic Highlights


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RenegadeRocks3810d ago

I am not watching any of this ! The game will be with me soon!

NO_PUDding3810d ago



I am goign to sue Gametrailers for that, I ahd stayed clean, and there's no spoiler warnigns, I didn't want to know the environmemnts!!!

Like 5 hours away from buying it, and I know where it's set!!!

Sorry for the awful rant but I am so pissed with GameTrailers.

STARS3810d ago

Well, I watched the review, even though there were a few small spoilers, it was well-done. They gave MGS4 a 9.3/10, anther solid score for this GotY contender. Can't wait to pick this up tomorrow afternoon, wo0t!

jkhan3810d ago

Not watching any of this. Till Monday & I will play the hell out of this game:D

Coke-a-Cola3810d ago

Hey Man unless you plan not to have the game in the next 6 months I suggest You put the game in Your own PS3................

Honestly, the game is so Beautiful you will want to save it for Yourself ............ Just my Opinion.