Gamesblog's quick summer festival guide

While not quite as ridiculously packed as this year's music festival calendar, the line-up of big videogame events is growing, both in terms of size and diversity. So here's a quick guide, just in case you find yourself with a free weekend and a desire to play - and learn about - lots of lovely new titles...

NLGD Festival of Games
Utrecht, Netherlands
June 14-21

You'll have to be quick to catch this busy event, combining conference, workshops, expo and career fair. Like E3, it's mostly targeted at industry professionals, but students can gain access to most of the programme. Highlights include talks by Shinichiro Kasama, Senior General Manager at Taito, who'll discuss the evolution of the Space Invaders and Chris Swain, co-founder and director of the EA Game Innovation Lab. Interestingly, they're also running a multiplayer location-based mobile gaming tournament, based around footie title, Navball.

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