Rockstar wants to 'blow consumers away' with PS4 & Xbox One GTA 5

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 will exceed fan expectations, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick believes, who says that "nothing but the very best will satisfy Rockstar".

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GiggMan1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I missed out on two of the biggest games last gen. I'm glad I get to play this now that I have more time on my hands. I got to experience The Last of Us for the first time on PS4, next GTA5.

Septic1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Ah you lucky sod. You're in for a treat.

The new version of GTA5 should be epic. It always felt like a next-gen version of the game was needed. Now with more NPC's and traffic plus a visual upgrade on an already astounding looking game, GTA 5's next-gen version should be amazing. Plus, this is Rockstar we're talking about.

I do hope they scrap that crappy character creator for multiplayer though. And still no heists....

"One way to look at it is that 34m copies have been sold, but there's 7bn people on Earth. So we have over 6.9bn people left to address," he added"

Yeah but not all of those 6.9bn people have homes, let alone running water or electricity or next-gen games consoles to play the game on.


bouzebbal1381d ago

yeah that's a very clumsy statment from that guy.

"How can you buy a next-gen console and not want to play GTA on it?"
simple! i don't like this series it bores me so fast.
RDR was the first and last R* game i ever finished!

NewMonday1381d ago

I stayed away from GTA5 last gen because I was certain of a new generation release, it will not be a remake for me

KwietStorm1381d ago

You didn't really take that last bit seriously..

Yi-Long1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Same as New Monday: I 'knew' a next-gen version would eventually come out, so I decided to wait, and I'm sooooo happy I did :) Can't wait to play it.

And I did the same with The Last of Us, for the same reason. Haven't played that yet though, because I want the USA version first, so I'll buy it when I'm in Hong Kong.

WikusVanDeMerwe1381d ago


I agree with you 100%. RDR>GTA all day. Finished everything to do in RDR and DLC.

I buy every GTA that comes out but I never finish them. I get bored with them usually around mid game. The only GTAs I was able to finish was 3 and VC.

Dee_911380d ago

I'm want an expansion to paletto bay, they could make that area much bigger, but I doubt that would happen. I expect casinos, single player story dlc and heist for online.Also read about opening the clubs.

T2X1380d ago

Oh please. Come down from your high horse Ghandi.

Soc51380d ago

I agree with you on everything except more traffic, rockstar and people keep mentioning how the new versions will have more traffic. Why is that a good thing exactly? lol Half the time when I'm driving around the city I'm complaining about the damn cars in my way. Obviously you need some cars but I don't think more is necessary we don't want to recreate everything we experience in life, like traffic jams :)

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Matt6661381d ago

I know this will probably never happen but I still hoping for a GTA3/VC/SA HD remaster, just think how good them three games would look now on the PS4/Xbox One/PC.

spacedelete1380d ago

yeah i'd rather play GTA 3 again remastered than GTA V but will get GTA V anyway as next gen has been very underwelming. i'm not a hating on next gen its just the games are just mainstream rubbish so i have to wait until E3 next year for some games i'm interested in. thats almost two years of owning a next gen without a single fantastic game. i still don't regret the Ps4 as you really can't go back to last gen once you upgrade.

frostypants1380d ago

Be prepared to be impressed with vast environments, then realize that the gameplay is no better than GTA3 on the PS2.

user56695101380d ago

Pc mods can change game play sucks for others tho. That's why it good to wait for the superior version.

Jeff2571381d ago

I know I will be picking this one up again. I really enjoyed it on PS3 but most of my clan mates stopped playing online once COD Ghosts came out. I am hoping that some will find the time to get this on PS4 and we can start playing it online some more when we aren't playing Destiny.

JeffGUNZ1381d ago

I'm still on the fence. They have to add a lot more to it for me to warrant the purchase. I maxed my character out, best property, decked out vehicles, and completed all the missions. I just hope it's more then a new coat of paint/visuals. I really think they held off on heists to make it a selling point to get the next gen. version.

spacedelete1380d ago

i'm not. even with a simple port GTA V is already the best next gen game. with GTA games people play them for months if not years. people will still be playing GTA V even until a new GTA game gets announced.

bloop1381d ago

I'm getting again too. Only thing I ever wanted more from any of the GTA games was to have more life on the streets. I know there are still a lot of npc's on PS3/360 but just from what we've seen so far on current gen it looks like the streets are going to be absolutely thronged!!! Can't wait to jump in a car and take to the pavement :P Sadistic, I know.

Zichu1381d ago

I'm 50/50 on this, I did enjoy GTA V a hell of a lot, but it's hard sometimes to pick up a copy of a game that you have already played.

Again, I might get it when it drops in price, same with a few other ports or remasters.

JeffGUNZ1381d ago

Exactly man. I feel the same way. I'd drive around and see the improved graphics and what not, but then I feel like I'd be bored. Game is fantastic, but I maxed everything out in MP and beat the game. With Destiny, Assassins Creed, the Evil Within, NHL 15, CODAW (which I am surprised looks really good), and the Crew, I just don't know where this will fall since I already played the heck out of it.

thricetold1381d ago

Yep, love the game but no way am I paying full price for it. Its clear they are holding back heists to use as a selling point, again, even though a lot of gamers will double dip just for a pixel upgrade they know that's not going to be enough for the rest of us.

Though its a shame whats going to happen online to those who chose to not play it before now, they will be so under leveled its going to be a nightmare for new online players because everyone else is just transferring their rank and money over from last gen.

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