Hawke Confirmed to be in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Those who saw the latest Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer may have missed out on something very interesting. As the title of this post says, Dragon Age II player character Hawke will make an appearance in the the game.

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Vantage1216d ago

Keep your damn spoilers off the front page.

Romudeth1216d ago

How is it a spoiler? You can see Hawke in the trailer lol

Vantage1216d ago

I don't watch trailers because I'm serious about avoiding spoilers.

Eamon1216d ago

Oh noes. Hawke was confirmed.

Dragon Age is now ruined.

Summons751216d ago

So game ruined....or at least severally injured

Summons751216d ago

Dragon Age 2 was an abomination and Hawke was a horrible character. Bioware said they were staying more toward Dragon Age origins and fixing the mistakes of Da2 but they are bringing more and more from it.

Still have a feeling this will be the new Mass Effect 3 because Bioware loves to make promises then do the exact opposite.

Eamon1216d ago

As I played Hawke using mainly the witty responses, I thought Hawke was a very interesting and entertaining character.

Sure, DA2 wasn't exactly a great game but the one redeeming factor was its cast whom were varied and colorful.

aLiEnViSiToR1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

...that dude could be OUR Warden from Dragon Age: Origins :D

Romudeth1216d ago

It looks like Alistair to me.

Heavenly King1216d ago


How about the GREY WARDEN!!! >_<

Romudeth1216d ago

I hear our Grey Warden will return as well. Let's hope that's true. I liked my bad-ass She-Elf. :D

dreamoner1216d ago

How about how will they be shown? With their generic appearances or will the game snatch the face codes from savegames? Also classes; I wouldnt wanna see my old warden or champion as a mage f.i.

TJBartlemus1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

This article already sort of answers that.

Patrick Weekes, a BioWare Writer, tweeted this morning that if any playable characters in previous games show up, they will be able to be customizable. Btw. Mike Laidlaw, another BioWare developer, has already confirmed that the Warden in the trailer isn't the Warden from Origins. Proof within the article.

Eamon1216d ago

I think what Mike meant was that for people who did not play DA:O, the Warden in the trailer was not just a stand-in model but also one with a different history. Because in the canon for those who did not play DA:O going into DA:I, The Warden sacrifices his life to beat the Blight.

But if your Warden survives and you import him, then I guess there's a different backstory, and of course, different character model.