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Submitted by Electro_UK 548d ago | rumor

Is Kojima’s Silent Hills a Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift Title?

VRFocus - P.T.'s reveal is certainly an exciting surprise, but could there still be more to uncover? Looking back over 2014, there seems to be a range of evidence to suggest that Silent Hills could in fact be a VR videogame. (Oculus Rift, PC, PlayStation VR, PS4, Silent Hill, Silent Hills)

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NatureOfLogic_  +   548d ago
That would be too disturbing. I would be too scared to play this. I'm not afraid to say it. I think the game will be a mix of first person and third person. So Morpheus might not work. Which is best for everyone. lol
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Septic  +   548d ago
I hope it has Morpheus support. Yes I understand what you're saying; I can't even go back to Outlast lol. But still, this + Morpheus...OMG.
abzdiine  +   548d ago
they better make it like The Room with 1st person sections.
LordMe  +   548d ago
I hope it doesn't end up being a first person game in the end...

And I agree with AAP, I wouldn't have the nerve to play this in VR.
MrSwankSinatra  +   548d ago
Granted I did like the interactive teaser, I really hope that it isn't a first person game. I prefer the third person view of silent hill. If they give you a choice between third or first person then that would be equally awesome for everyone.
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hkgamer  +   548d ago
im caught between the two. i like third person games a lot more. but watching that teaser first person seems to work very well.
generic-user-name  +   548d ago
If anyone knows how to beat the demo that'd be swell. There's supposed to be a phone call but I (and many, many others) can't trigger it.
garos82  +   548d ago
yeah for an interactive "teaser" i have sunk in about 4 hours last night waiting for that damn phone to ring.

What an incredibly scary beast of a game this one could be. I haven't been genuinely scared to play a game since silent hill 2 and i was a lot younger back then :P

edit: spelling
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Twiggy  +   548d ago
After 5 hours of playing, all I need is for the damned phone to ring also, I'm no longer afraid of the occasional jumpscare "deaths?" haha!

I'm hoping it's third person, but it actually works really well in first person too!
Jdoki  +   548d ago
That would be terrifying!
123pol  +   548d ago
Ol_Boy  +   548d ago
This game in VR would mean I could only play it in 15 minute spirts before I need to take a break. It would take me forever to finish it lol.
mogwaii  +   548d ago
Would love to experience it but unfortunately australia dosnt make the cut when it comes to the rest of the world and nor is there any info on when or wether or not it will be available here :/
pwnsause_returns  +   548d ago
Would love to experience it. But the consequences of that would never be the same after trying it, so idk lol
hkgamer  +   548d ago
i doubt it would be a project morpheous title.

any game that isnt running at a locked 60fps would just not work for the morpheus.

though it is running on fox engine and ps4 is handling it quite well. i dont know.
MysticStrummer  +   548d ago
If it is, they just sold me a Morpheus.
Grave  +   548d ago
^This 1000%
teo72  +   548d ago
More likely a 1 person horror game that will support Morpheus in a upcoming patch when Morpheus releases.
Grave  +   548d ago
I hope not cuz it'd probably swallow my soul!
bitboi  +   547d ago
man if this where to come to oculus, i think there would be deaths from shock!

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