New Dissidia: Final Fantasy Characters Announced

Marking the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy, Dissidia for the PSP will feature various Final Fantasy characters from it's series.

Already announced characters for the game include; Warrior of Light (I), Garland (I), Firion (II), Emperor Palamecia (II), Sephiroth (VII), Squall Leonhart (VIII), Ultimecia (VIII), Zidane Tribal (IX) & Kuja (IX).

Now Tidus & Jecht from Final Fantasy X are confirmed to appear in the game. This is supported via the following scan from the latest Japanese Famitsu Magazine.

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Dpa3842d ago

Yay tidus. Best of all is Garland though, the best evil old man and secret villain in any game ever!

Azures3842d ago

Wondering if the Tactics guys will make an appearance also. Ramza and Delita win.

So missing would be...

Ramza, Delita, Light Warrior, Xande, Cecil, Zemus, Bartz, Exdeath, Terra, Kefka, Van, and Vayne.

Lots of opportunity to include other popular characters like Vincent, Kain, Seifer, etc.

AllseeingEye3842d ago

What about Aaron though? From FFX. that guy was pimp.

baum3842d ago

They were already announced a long time ago.

BranWheatKillah3842d ago

Where the fructose is my Kefka and Locke?