Rise of Games Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

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theKiller2879d ago

dont believe them except for MGS4!!

it is a perfect game for its type of game!! of course if u play sports and shooting only u might not think its perfect but other wise u will!

Shaka2K62879d ago

gears of cartoon 1.5 will flop just like ninja generic 2.

juuken2879d ago

Another perfect score! CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY THIS!

Veryangryxbot2879d ago

Been playing GOTY for the last few hours. Just wrapped up act 1.

I gotta say, you wont believe your eyes when you play this game. So crisp, so detailed, so smooth. Graphics truly rape everything including Uncharted.

Xbots am crying hard right now.

juuken2879d ago

I already bought it and a brand new Dualshock 3. I'm going to get the guide at Gamestop. :3

Look out guys, a gal is coming on the battlefield soon enough. :3

Fishy Fingers2879d ago

Ah man... I wanna share so much with you guys, my mind is racing with all the kick ass Epic s**t I've been doing!! But I wont....

Oh, and I'm only 7 hours in (lol only, thats most "next-gen" games complete).

Epic Game...

D R Fz2879d ago

The game must really be that awesome.

Getting mine real soon... All PS3 owners should.

Fishy Fingers2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

lol, well honestly bro it deserves it. I'm not one for hyping up games or buying into the media hype but I'm VERY impressed.

It is something else.

"All PS3 owners should."... Nope, All GAMERS should. It's really that good (imo).

D R Fz2879d ago

It's good to know that MGS4 isn't just for MGS fans. I'm a hardcore MGS fan myself but knowing that all my friends (some Noobs to the Kojima Universe) will enjoy this game all the same, makes me even more excited.

I Guess it's Definitely a Game of The Year contender. Will see what the competition can bring.

But for now, MGS4 GOTY.

And I'll verify that in a few hours.

FAQS2879d ago

Q: 100/100?

theKiller2879d ago

and bubbles for u!

this is a dream game come true!!

FAQS2879d ago

A: Bubbles for you too, friend! Enjoy this MAGNIFIC,MASTERPIECE game, that I will have to wait a few days for it, beacuse of a strike of the transporters in my country, the launch was delayed!...I'm so sad........

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