Fifteen new Fight Night Round 3 screenshots for PLAYSTATION 3

Today, Electronic Arts released fifteen new screenshots of their boxing game Fight Night Round 3 for the PlayStation 3.

The Best-Selling Next-Generation Sports Game on Xbox 360, EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3 continues to innovate with exclusive features for the PlayStation. EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3 will launch this winter with exclusive gameplay features for the PlayStation 3.

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marcusfenix4408d ago

Melted wax figures, same with nba 2k7. Xbox 360 games look more realistic.

Scythesean4408d ago

Is there a way on the PS3 to listen to your own MP3 songs while playing games? I thought this could be done but I don't know how.

I don't know if it could be done in Resistance or not.

THWIP4408d ago

You just need to use your mp3 player and headphones while you play. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :D

Sorry, but the PS3, like the PS2, can't/won't play custom soundtracks. If you want that feature, you'll need the 360. ;)

Scythesean4408d ago

With its media playback software one can have in-game custom soundtracks, as with the Xbox 360, Wii, etc.

THWIP4408d ago

...this looks EXACTLY LIKE the 360 game, which came out this past March, as a late launch title.
The thing is, this is nothing more than a 360 port, with a couple new features, and extra polish. FNR4 will be coming next year, for 360 and PS3, and will be EXACTLY THE SAME GAME.

PS360PCROCKS4408d ago

No I think these look good. Their atleast on par with the 360, and that's a good thing because on the 360 the game looks fantastic

Scrumptious4408d ago

With new get-confused first person mode! Ultra realistic floaty transparent hands! Only possible on the P$3.

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The story is too old to be commented.