Grand Theft Auto: Online mod allows players to rape others

'Grand Theft Auto: Online' may have been developed to allow gamers to build their own criminal empire online, but some may have take it too far by creating a mod that allows players to rape others.

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stanr1378d ago

I'm all for freedom and do what you want but this is just repulsive. I play GTA because I want to live the life of Tony Montana or Henry Hill but never some rapist. Sorry but I have zero tolerance for rapists and pedophiles.

Agent20091378d ago

You're tolerant for video games involving killing people, racist jokes, and homophobic subtexts, but you can't stand a raping mod. Hypocrisy much?

Th4Freak1378d ago

I introduce you to: The Western.

jimjam34421378d ago

but hey, murders in good taste, right? right?!?

Eamon1378d ago

It's a bit strange though.

Because when we kill people in games, I almost never feel the urge to murder people in real life.

But thinking of this mod where you go and rape people just doesn't feel right.

I think it's got to do with how we perceive NPCs. When you gun down civilians in GTA you don't see them as humans but as polygons and textures.

But when you're introduced to the concept of "rape gameplay" you no longer see those NPCs as mere polygons and textures.

Perhaps it's got to do with how we became psychologically insensitive to violence due to the number of hours we play videogames involving killing.

1377d ago
SINISTERGENESIS1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Those 2 things that he's intolerant about are the 2 things that even people in prison ie murderers and the like do not tolerate... Felons have standards too ya know , so I really don't understand the hypocrisy in it.

ScottyHoss1377d ago

I agree with #1, freedom and equality to those who want to be rapists in games but just watching movies like straw dogs (new not original) make me physically sick, I wouldn't partake. Murder is death but rape is torture, and far more psychologically damaging than say the torture in GTA. Just not really interested and kind of disturbed this was approved..

Matt6661377d ago

taking the P**s etc is not as bad rape, rape is a lot worse then racism, threats, murder etc

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BiggerBoss1378d ago

So mass murder is okay but rape is wrong? Umm okay. How about none of it is okay, but it's just a video game.

Rock-Lee1377d ago

Dit you just comment twice in your own article? First on the original and now here?

Back-to-Back1377d ago

So murder is less repulsive than rape? Does not compute that logic

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ATi_Elite1378d ago

Hot coffee whether you want it or NOT!

maybe this mod has gone a little too far even by GTA standards.!

stanr1378d ago

I know trolling can be fun, but this is just disturbing. Why can't people just stick to racist and homophobic rants?

trenso11377d ago

yes because we would rather be further degraded for our race or sexual orientation.

stanr1377d ago

@trenso1 - I don't support racist and homophobic rants but its not as disturbing as rape mode.

jimjam34421378d ago

i think id rather be raped, as opposed to murdered, thats just me though.

the reason violence is okay is that its a daily occurance. death is part of life. if rapists were as prevelent as murder, and murders were rare, wed be getting articles like, "gta mod lets you stab another player, gta too far?"

my first thought is why is this fun? its wierd.
but is T-Bagging not the epitome of "in good taste" sexual assualt?

iceman061377d ago

But rape IS more prevalent than murder. There is about a 25% chance, at least in America, that a woman will be raped in her lifetime. Can't say that for murder.
I'm in the camp of neither one being worse or better than the other. But, one being more socially acceptable in terms of playing a video game.

Majin-vegeta1378d ago

Lol their just virtual character its not like someone really is.

iamnsuperman1378d ago

Urm okay. Why would anyone want to do that?

-Foxtrot1378d ago

Oh pewdiepie is going to love this...

CaEsAr-1378d ago

you made me laugh, loudly


MRMagoo1231377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

you mean "the screaming big chin"

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