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MTV Multiplayer writes:

It took me four hours to play through the first act of "Metal Gear Solid 4." I don't know how many acts there are. As the game goes on sale in the early morning hours of Thursday when I'm posting this, I've saved my game and gone to bed. I can wait for more. "MGS4," as languidly and skillfully paced as its immediate predecessor is a game I'm happy to play and observe slowly.

I'm taking my time with this one and focusing. "MGS4? is a game to squint at. Like designer Hideo Kojima's previous games in the series it is dense with detail and interactive quirk. The point of the game may not be at every minute to play - to direct hero Solid Snake through sneaking missions and skirmishes - but it is always to remain unblinkingly focused on the TV screen, to spot and prod at a creative work that kicks back with unexpected reflexes. Such attention and tinkering delivers constant rewards.

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sandip7873839d ago

i so wish i could just grasp the game i my hands, take off the cellophane, smell the quality and put the disk into my ps3. Alas, i have to wait for another 2 weeks. i think m going to cry.

FAQS3838d ago

Q: Hey man what's happening?
A: I just knew from the store I pre-ordered the game that the lauch of MGS4 in my country was delayed because the stryke of the transporters..........Buaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh...T h at's no f#cking fair.................just right now it must have a the day of MGS4 lauch..............I WANT THIS GAME NOW!
Q: sorry man, that's sad, what about the other countries of Europe!
A: I really don't know.........Buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... . ................I CAN'T BELIEVE IN THIS SH#T! HOW LONG I WILL WAIT?......I just hope you guys of other countries can play this game today, enjoy this masterpiece, that I will be crying like a baby!

Veryangryxbot3838d ago


The graphics in this game are off the charts! Its OVER 9000!

The details and textures are so clear and crisp, you often dont believe your eyes. I thought Uncharted was good looking but MGS4 makes it look like N64 game. MGS4 makes Gears of war look like a NES game.

Sunny cooking the eggs, shiat, the fking eggs look so real, you would think you are watching TV.

Act 2 now and taking a break but needless to say things are starting to heat up. Middle east is nothing but a tutorial. Real game's about to start now.

MGS4: 0
LE edition: O
Old dogs, new tricks: 0
Dual shock 3: 0

Im all set for GOTY.

PS. anyone else noticed how the so called "objective" press were mocked at the beginning with the David hayter interview where they bashed the "objective" journalist who were playing fanboys with the media?

David Hayter said "Thats not what I said!" Clearly referencing how the press knowingly twisted Kojima's word around in their attempt to mock the PS3 and trying to stop MGS4 momentum.

Fishy Fingers3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Act 2 is better ;)

Can't tell you why sadly... you'll have to play and see for yourself.

BulletToothtony3838d ago

but i'm sure that by the end of 2 i'll like act 2 better and so on and so forward... great game, best game i've ever played..

can't wait to beat it and play it again.. ;0)

sunnygrg3838d ago

There are 5 acts (I strongly believe). It was written in the guidebook I received. Had to get one. My first MGS experience, and truly "Kojima-epic" indeed.

DarK-SilV3838d ago

I finished ACT1 and let me tell you this game is massive I swear to god when you play it the chill run through your body of how awesome the sound, the action and the acting .I don’t know how to describe it.

Superfragilistic3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

5million, yep, 6million, maybe, but 8million? I don't think so, that's more than twice the GTAIV numbers and that's a far more mainstream title.

Enjoy the game and ignore the reviews. This game is one for the hardcore. A beautiful and loving tribute to Solid. :)

qwert3838d ago

Bah! act 1, pff! who cares about this magnific game? what about chapter 0.25 in farts of war, spoilers: farts of war have 2 chapters: 0.11, that last 3.5 minutes and 0.25 that last 4.5 min...a real epic! I even can finish farts of war in my crap xbox 360 while the instalation of MGS4 is occuring! isn't that great or what?

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