Tearaway announced for PlayStation 4 with a video Trailer

The game that was only available for PlayStation Vita, was offered a complete overhaul for PlayStation 4.Tearaway Unfolded will hit on 2014 on PlayStation 4. See the video demo below:

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nidhogg1588d ago

What's next Sony? You keep on taking all Vita exclusive games to the more popular platform until everyone forgets your handheld. Nintendo is better I guess. In terms of platform balance. At least it's giving Wii U justice and not turning it invisible like what Sony is doing to the Vita. Where is the Vita exclusives at Gamescom anyway?

SoapShoes1588d ago

Ummm this is a different game from the PS Vita version. Also it took Nintendo 2 years to get the Wii U any justice, the Vita had the strongest launch line up of any PlayStation in history.

cpayne931588d ago

Although it will play differently, im pretty sure it will be the same game.

bouzebbal1588d ago

this exclusive is massive!
all about that variety

sonic9891588d ago

YES YES YES so excited for this game along with RIME and that game from Q-games .
it was on vita and it was amazing now this is entirely a new game not the same game like on the Vita .

cpayne931588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Another reason not to get a vita i guess...

I hope they announce some new western vita games already.

sonic9891588d ago

well the vita game is different to this one man .
they have a similar story and really the story in this game is spiritual pretty much like ico something you figure out for the most part .
so you can enjoy the vita version because its not the same game .

equal_youth1588d ago

I had a feeling they would announce something tearaway related. I had hope for something different and fresh but this is not bad either. Sony has delivered a to of great stuff at this gamescom. Wild looked just awesome.

medman1588d ago

Wild did look pretty durn good, and Rime blew me away.

Cryptcuzz1588d ago

Wild and SharePlay stole the show for me.
Always been excited for Rime when they initially showed it off at Ps4 unveil? I believe.

Tearaway looks fun as well. I Like how the DS4 controller light and speakers are utilized.

GamerGuy1531588d ago

I was really hoping for Media Molecule's new IP. Here's my guess though. 1) what they are working on is highly ambitious and will probably take some time to perfect. 2) with the creation and 3D world thing they are going for, I see it being a perfect fit for the Morpheus, so they may show it next year when they give the Morpheus a release date and price. A creative 3D game from MM would be an excellent way to convince people that they have to invest in VR

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The story is too old to be commented.