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Destiny Gets A New Multiplayer Trailer and The First Expansion Is Announced For PS4

With all the Destiny Info, you would think that nothing could surprise you anymore. Today’s Gamescom event comes with a brand new Multiplayer reveal trailer for the game that shows off its many modes.

If that wasn’t enough, Bungie also took to the stage to announce that there are two expansion packs in development for the title within the first year, and the first of which, The Dark Below, will be available for PS4 users some time this year. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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HystericalGamez  +   350d ago
This is so hype
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Whore_Mouth   350d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Meatyboy  +   350d ago
Clash looks insane!!
DenzelJadeli  +   350d ago
TDM... Insane?
Reddzfoxx  +   350d ago
I wonder how many sales Destiny will get in general. They said only 1.5 million people beta tested the game and that was after it was open beta out of the 15 million next gen owners. Im not sure if there was an open beta on the PS3 & xbox 360 but if they were then that isn't very good numbers for an open beta on 4 platforms that was free for almost a week.
Razmossis   350d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Johnsonparts23  +   350d ago
OR 4.6 million......lol. Which is the most for Bungie ever. Plus they announced it's the most pre-ordered new i.p. ever. It'll sell upwards of 15 million total.
Ghost_Nappa  +   350d ago
Not news, we've known for a long time that there are 2 expansion packs. And its coming to all platforms, not just PS4.
Christopher  +   349d ago
Yeah, it's just the announcement of the first one, though. We knew there were two, but they never named or otherwise mentioned them.
1nsomniac  +   350d ago
I was surprised by the reaction to Destiny seeing how its the "biggest selling preorder of all time" it got 1 single person clapping throughout its presentation during a conference that was quite loud/active throughout the rest of the show.

Also the fact that it's first Expansion DLC pack will come only weeks after the games release understandably didn't go down well either!
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FamilyGuy  +   350d ago
Weeks? It's like 12 weeks minimum from sept to december so I think "months" would be more appropriate.
1nsomniac  +   350d ago
From what I remember he said it was to release in October unless im mistaken..
FamilyGuy  +   350d ago
The video is at the top of this very page lol, 13 seconds in he says The Dark Below launches in December.
Christopher  +   349d ago
It's December, not October.
inf3cted1  +   350d ago
The game still doesn't impress me much, but whatever, they hype it everywhere.
anonimous  +   350d ago
I hate how games announce dlc before the game is even out. If they already have that dlc prepared why not put it in the game? Greed is ruining games.
FamilyGuy  +   350d ago
I agree with the statement but disagree with its use here. They said "expansion" which usually means it'll be a bit more than common DLC. On top of that it's 3 months after launch and I'd rather play this game as soon as possible rather than waiting 3 months for extra content.

I don't usually buy DLC, period, but I'm pretty interested in what they've got in store.
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JeffGUNZ  +   349d ago
Dude, we live in an era where we can continue to enjoy games after launch. When I was a kid on NES, the game you got was it. No expansion, nothing. We are lucky to be gaming now. We will have more then $60 worth of content at launch with this game. They are working to keep the community going for 10 years with all 3 games. This is awesome, it keeps the game fresh. Day 1 DLC or stuff like that involving weapons, or skins, or changing your dog into a wolf skin (I'm looking at you, COD), that is BS. DLC like maps, new planets, new game modes, etc is welcomed and amazing.

These people are working to make additional content, don't you think they deserve to be paid for there labor?
anonimous  +   349d ago
Yeah in the old days games didn't need dlc. I played Nes/sega games. They were fun enough on their own. Until the next game in the series came out.The only expansion ive gotten any use out of was diablo 2 LOD and some of the Fallout expansions. Hopefully bungie will do it properly. I have faith in Destiny, i just don't like most dlc.
JeffGUNZ  +   349d ago
Yeah man expansions and DLC with content to match the price tag is perfectly fine by me. The Wolf Skin, or new rain coat for a character is BS.
UltraAtomic   350d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)

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