Destiny Gets A New Multiplayer Trailer and The First Expansion Is Announced For PS4

With all the Destiny Info, you would think that nothing could surprise you anymore. Today’s Gamescom event comes with a brand new Multiplayer reveal trailer for the game that shows off its many modes.

If that wasn’t enough, Bungie also took to the stage to announce that there are two expansion packs in development for the title within the first year, and the first of which, The Dark Below, will be available for PS4 users some time this year.

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I wonder how many sales Destiny will get in general. They said only 1.5 million people beta tested the game and that was after it was open beta out of the 15 million next gen owners. Im not sure if there was an open beta on the PS3 & xbox 360 but if they were then that isn't very good numbers for an open beta on 4 platforms that was free for almost a week.

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OR 4.6 Which is the most for Bungie ever. Plus they announced it's the most pre-ordered new i.p. ever. It'll sell upwards of 15 million total.

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Not news, we've known for a long time that there are 2 expansion packs. And its coming to all platforms, not just PS4.

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Yeah, it's just the announcement of the first one, though. We knew there were two, but they never named or otherwise mentioned them.

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