Gamescom 2014: Destiny is the Most Pre-Ordered New IP in Gaming History

CraveOnline: "Destiny has been regarded as the biggest game of 2014 by many. Its pre-orders follow that theme of popularity.

GameStop has confirmed with Activision that Destiny is the “most pre-ordered new IP in gaming history”. There are already over one-million pre-orders alone, and the PS4 version takes up a bulk of those orders."

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BiggerBoss1219d ago

They deserve it. I put tons of hours into the beta and can't wait till the game releases. People will downplay anything that's popular, but Idc, I'm hella excited for Destiny

miyamoto1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Thanks in part to 10 million PlaySavior 4s

Tetsujin1219d ago

And I'm a part of the PS4 crowd.

Anyone need a partner in Destiny? Add me on PSN Nitrojin

chikane1219d ago

good job to the guys at bungie cant wait for 992014 to play this

RantandRave1219d ago

Wow one million pre-orders impressive, whose next?

Off Topic: I bet Star Wars Battlefront 3 devastates by smashing that total imo.

FamilyGuy1219d ago

1 million pre-orders *for a new IP* is impressive. Key part of that statement is the new IP part.

objdadon1219d ago

And when exactly is this battlefront 3 coming out???? Two totally different games anyway! Hate on but I'll be there 9/9/14!

RantandRave1219d ago

I have Destiny pre-ordered!


I understand it is a new IP. Thanks for reaffirming though.


There was no hate, there was only a comment and it was based on opinion. The only hate I noticed was your pointless response to my opinionated comment.

Wedge191219d ago

This is big. Seriously can't wait to waste my time with this!

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The story is too old to be commented.