New video for Rime, exclusively on PlayStation 4

A new video for Rime has been shared during Gamescom 2014 Sony conference. The third-person adventure game created by Tequila Works will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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Kingthrash360890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Like ICO and Zelda had a baby . that world looks just stunning. I'm even more excited to play it. They didn't even show combat...I love these kinds of adventure 1st action second games. We need more of these.

Ballsack890d ago

If this game had link in it you wouldn't be surprised such is the quality

Game of the conference so far for me.

tuglu_pati890d ago

Really interested on this game. Look really good.

bouzebbal890d ago

exactly my thoughts!
keeping an eye on it!

mikeslemonade890d ago

Zelda killer confirmed! j/k

But on the real.. if Nintendo had the same game and put the name Zelda on it people would be making a big a deal about this game than anything else.

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hulk_bash1987890d ago

I loved Deadlight and this looks like another great title from Tequila Works.

badz149890d ago

looks amazing indeed. have been waiting for more news and footage since the 1st reveal and now I just need the release date!

MeLoveRamen890d ago

Now this is what you call an exclusive only on ps4. I liked how the presenter cleared it up and straight up said it was ONLY ON PS4

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Kingthrash360890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Game over. This game won the conference for me.
Key words : FOR ME

Budobear890d ago

Dude, apparently there are people out there who know you better than you know yourself. You have a fair few disagrees so there must have been something els you thought was better!

GW212890d ago

That's not really the point of the disagree button. He voiced his OPINION, and others have disagreed because they have a DIFFERENT opinion.

Let's put this into a real-world example: He says that this game won the conference for him. My opinion is that Bloodborne won the conference for me. We disagree, right? OK, so now what do I do with that disagree button? Press it? Yup, I pressed it.

Super simple stuff.

Actually, out of curiosity, what do you believe the disagree button is for?

Budobear890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Well I wouldn't say it was to disagree with what someone else thought of something.
If I say I like cake you can't really disagree with that because its my opinion, you might have a different one and like muffins but thats not disagreeing with me.
If the guy had said 'This was the best game EVER!' then yes disagree, but as he stated it was his opinion you can't disagree with that, you can have a different opinion though which is different.
I wasn't being serious anyway but if you have a different view point put it across with a discussion rather than just press the disagree button.

Enemy890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

The new generation's ICO. Sony already won the battle of the conferences.

Benjammin25890d ago

It wasn't even a contest. The only thing I can remember from the MS conference was Tomb Raider, which might not even be a full exclusive.

DigitalRaptor890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Looks like it, huh?

Bloodborne was there, so that already won the battle of the conferences, but the top 3 games for me there were:

- RiME
- Bloodborne
- WiLD (Michel Ancel is such an incredible creator and that game looks so damn incredible)


@ Benjammin25

Microsoft revealed lots of nice indies, but the Tomb Raider announcement was absolute bulls*t, Quantum Break which I was massively looking forward to left me neither speechless, nor worried about not having an Xbone to play the game anymore. It could have been, but Sam, next time be honest about your game.

And the rest of their conference were games we already know are coming out. On the topic of Tomb Raider, the reason I called it bulls*t is because (mark my words) it's a timed exclusive.

Godmars290890d ago

Didn't MS show off something like this at E3, if not this very title?

Enemy890d ago

Nope, this was always known to be a new Sony IP.

Godmars290890d ago

There isn't something called Below?

Venox2008890d ago

Microsoft showed Ori and the blind forest.. both are stunning games I am waiting for sure

Enemy890d ago

It also looks nothing like Rime. It's a side scrolling indie game.

JoGam890d ago

You were watching the Sony conference drunk and thought you were watching Microsoft instead. Its ok!

FamilyGuy890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

This isn't really anything like below aside from the pastel colored cell-shading visuals. Below looks like a great title too, one of very few xbox exclusives that I wish was heading to PS4.

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imt558890d ago

Beautiful game. Glad the Tequila is Sony's 1st party.

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