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Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Xbox Exclusivity Helps No One

Lara Croft's next adventure isn't coming to PlayStation or PC. Despite some short term gains, the long term effects this could have the Tomb Raider franchise are probably not very good. Could abandoning a large group of a fanbase put the series in a bad place moving forward? (Crystal Dynamics, PC, PS4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Square Enix, Xbox One)

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DanteVFenris666  +   354d ago
We have uncharted, so why would Microsoft bother. If there going to buy a big name like that there was a lot of better options
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HollywoodLA  +   354d ago
I'm not sure it's a system seller -- It might have just alienated more consumers than it integrated.

Just saiyan.
realplu  +   354d ago
I agree. As a Playstation gamer, I'm just not going to go out and by a Xbox for Sunset Overdrive or Tomb Raider. These developers just closed the door on any support from me. Also my excitement for Plants vs Zombies has faded so it's a no buy.

I will be enjoying Destiny. Can't wait!
Soldierone  +   354d ago
I'd have to disagree with Sunset Overdrive. We didn't get say Sunset 1 and it was never announced for PlayStation. The entire time that was an Xbox exclusive, no questions asked.

Now if say IG released Sunset Overdrive on both, then turned around and made the 2nd one exclusive....THAT becomes a problem.

Them simply making an exclusive game? Who cares, skip it and buy their next one. Unless of course that becomes Sunset Overdrive 2, then yeah, it's a problem. Same scenerio here, if Tomb Raider devs simply made a different game exclusive? Cool. The fact that it's Tomb Raider though? Screw them.
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Pro_TactX  +   354d ago
There are now 10 million PS4 owners in the world, and by Holiday 2015 that number will probably be greater than 20 million. That is a lot of potential customers to miss out on. It's a shame really. I was looking forward to playing it. I have nothing against the Xbox One, but I have a finite amount of free time, and my PS4 is sufficient to fill it, so I don't find it necessary to purchase another console. Fortunately Uncharted 4 releases around the same time.
RandomDude655  +   354d ago
Uncharted will do great.
Tomb raider will become uncharted as it won't chart.
OUROSMAG  +   354d ago
Reading CEO kaz harai's twitter account I see.
nategrigs  +   354d ago
Why are people passing this joke off as their own?
OrangePowerz  +   354d ago
It helps piss of the majority of the fanbase, it helps reducing sales and it will help Uncharted 4 a lot when it comes out next year most likely around the same time. MS helped increase Uncharted 4 sales by killing the competition on the console until TR comes out half a year or so later on PS4.

TR was good, but the sales haven't been that great and it's not a system seller.
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darksky  +   354d ago
Tombraider missed Square Enix's sales targets when it was launched and that's when it was on 3 platforms. Only the remastered version helped them make some profit.

What were Square thinking when they signed the exclusivity deal? Poor sales on 3 platforms...even poorer on One...
I'd hate to see a good franchise end because of this.
cleft5  +   354d ago
They where thinking that they didn't have enough faith in the IP to sale well initially so they are trying to play it safe. Instead, they are just pissing off potential customers. It will be interesting to see how well this game sales.
Number-Nine  +   354d ago
people need to stop taking it so personally. it stinks, but move on.
1nsomniac  +   354d ago
Lol I think someone is misunderstanding the term "exclusive" - It helps the XBone that's the entire reason for the exclusivity!

The reaction to this exclusivity has been ridiculous!
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OUROSMAG  +   354d ago
It's timed lol... seriously they keep emphasizing HOLIDAY 2015... they haven't done that with any other 100% exclusive on xbox one..

It'll come..
EinRobot  +   354d ago
I would care more about this if it was 1997.
zsquaresoff  +   354d ago
You have to understand Microsoft's desperation. They're being pummeled to the ground by Sony, so they needed to do this to get some leverage for the Bone.

After Sony announced they sold 10 Million consoles, I wont be surprised if Microsoft buys some more third party games.

Probably Mass Effect 4 seeing that the original was Exclusive to 360.

Hopefully not, but they do have the money.
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OrangePowerz  +   354d ago
MS has tons of money but Xbox will only get a specific budget of it especially with 400 million lost on X1.
rmw2hot87  +   354d ago
Well I'll be playing it and enjoying it! Ill stream it so PS4 only gamers can watch me play (:
cfc83  +   354d ago
Many people would have waited for a price drop, so its no big loss. I liked tomb raider on ps4, at half retail price. Now its just a case of wanting an uncharted trilogy anyway.
Gore-Content  +   354d ago
EXACTLY! Love you long time for saying this!!!!
system22  +   354d ago
this is why i love having both consoles.... no sweat, no tears, no outrage. i say make love, not war.
Christopher  +   354d ago
What a selfish statement. Just because you own them all, it's okay for businesses to do this sort of stuff? It's okay for fans to be left without because you own them all?
system22  +   354d ago
businesses stay in business by being competitive. being competitive means you gotta get your edges where you can. if businesses operated by hugs and buddies they wouldn't be around.
LeCreuset  +   354d ago

This isn't really in the spirit of competition. This is throwing money at something so that you don't have to bother trying to compete. That money that kept a game out of PS and PC gamers' hands could have been invested to create new, additional games to put in Xbox players' hands. It's the EA/Madden form of "competing," where you pay to spite the other guys instead of stepping your game up.
Christopher  +   354d ago
***businesses stay in business by being competitive. being competitive means you gotta get your edges where you can. if businesses operated by hugs and buddies they wouldn't be around.***

The problem with that is this is a bad business decision on the part of MS. They would have benefited more from creating a new IP rather than paying to exclude other platforms on a 3rd party game. Tomb Raider isn't a 'console seller' and it's not going to push people to buy an XBO when they already have IPs that do that (Halo 5 and Gears of War).

There's competition, there's bad business, and then there's bad PR. Congrats, MS got one of three today.
LeCreuset  +   354d ago
What's funny is you think that's the solution when you're part of the problem. You're encouraging behavior that potentially deprives you of the option of getting a better version of the game on the PS4, but also takes away funds that could have gone toward CREATING content for the XB1, just to keep a game you were getting, regardless, out of the hands of PS4/PC players.
system22  +   354d ago
thats a really myopic, unthoughtful response.
LeCreuset  +   354d ago

Have you met my friend, irony?
cfc78  +   354d ago
This is 1 reason why I always buy both consoles these things happen best to be prepared and I think MS will make this move a lot this gen.

lol @ system22 must of read my mind
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Christopher  +   354d ago
So, you do exactly what they want because they do exactly the thing they do to force people to do this rather than using their money to make new game experiences for their users?

Good job on allowing the industry to devolve into the crap it has by doing exactly what they want.
cfc78  +   354d ago
I do exactly what I want that's just one reason why I buy both nobody's forcing me to it's my choice and one that works out well in the gaming world these days,you should get some cream for that soreness problem you have.
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Christopher  +   354d ago
Doing what you want doesn't change the fact that you do exactly what they want and help to devolve the industry.

DLC? It's my money, I can do what I want. Companies continue to cut content from games to sell as DLC.

In App Purchases and microtransactions? It's my money, I can do what I want. Companies now design games around solely paying to win or buying content that otherwise would have just been in the game at a set price. They want you to spend more money than you should to get what they could have put in the game at any time.

3rd party exclusives like this? It's my money, I'll buy as many consoles as I want because companies decide to take existing IPs and make them exclusive to just one platform.

Where does it stop?

And, I'll leave your trollish comment alone, but this has nothing to do with fanboyism. This has to do with the devolution of the gaming market and how people like you are letting the companies continue to take more and more money and screw over their fanbase more and more.

But, hey, you've got money to spend, so why not throw it away, right? It is, after all, your money. I wonder at what point you will realize where not speaking up for the issues of the industry now will result in you finally being affected and realizing that you are paying more for less? Hope you enjoy that day when you realize it.
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cfc78  +   354d ago
Just out of interest what are your plans for this gen because if you don't buy anything you won't be playing anything?
#17.1.3 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
Christopher  +   354d ago
***Just out of interest what are your plans for this gen because if you don't buy anything you won't be playing anything?***

So, you assume everyone does the same thing?

There are a TON of games for me where I'm not being manhandled by big time publishers. A ton. I'm fine with finding games.

That doesn't mean I shouldn't at least express my opinion on the many issues we have with the big hitters in the industry.

Edit: Just FYI, companies like CDProjekt make EA, Activision, and Ubisoft look the way they do. I got Witcher 3 pre-ordered for $48 w/o DRM and tons of extras solely because they also recognize me as a fan for owning the first two games... that's what companies should be doing. Recognizing who your fans are and rewarding them for it.
#17.1.4 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
cfc78  +   354d ago
Fair play to you for sticking with what you believe in when I see a change in the general population of gamers and everyone stands together i'll be there but until then I won't miss out on games/consoles just to stand with a small percentage of gamers who want to do the right thing.
avangerironman  +   354d ago
to me its not going to help :) ps4 exclusives like Rime,uncharted 4, LittleBigPlanet 3, Bloodborne ,The Order: 1886,Alienation and the rest :) i just love playstation mush more :) and i am glad i have both ps4 and xbox one :)
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Nightcyberspud  +   354d ago
Actually its a smart move. Given that the next Uncharted Game will eat into Lara Crofts profits if it was released on PS4 positioning it against uncharted on a competing platform is actually good news for this franchise especially if MS is subsidizing development.
EdoubleD  +   354d ago
It may be for MS. But for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, this isn't a smart move by any stretch.
TRD4L1fe  +   354d ago
DJustinUNCHAIND   354d ago | Trolling | show
christocolus  +   354d ago
Its very easy to see why MS got this ip for holliday 2015. Halo5 will be out that period but so will uncharted 4 and i don't see most ps fans picking up tombraider over uncharted4 and also Ms knows the impact uc 4 will have on holliday sales and hence they needed an adventure game to tackle that and Tomb raider seems to have been a perfect fit. I also believe square wasn't ready to fund a sequel to Tomb raider not until MS stepped in.

Anyways get over it..writing 1000 articles about this won't change anything. It will either turn out to be timed then you'll get it on other platforms,if it doesn't then you ignore the game or go out and get yourself a gadamn xbox one.
user9558903   354d ago | Off topic | show
GiantEnemyCrab  +   354d ago
Whining and crying about it helps no one.

So many childish articles going up it's ridiculous.

"Why is the New Tomb Raider Exclusive to the Side That's Losing". SMH
Ko_Uraki  +   354d ago
It is a great move.
Microsoft just made a dickish move, the game is just going to be wasted on a poor performing console with a native 920p resolution and us pc and ps4 players can't full fill it's potential
Nightcyberspud  +   354d ago
Microsoft made a smart "business" move. The console has sold 5 million units and this will doubtless sell systems. As for Resolution they've more or less fixed that issue with the new SDK. There are tons of games that come out on Playstation and PC platforms which never see the light of day on a Microsoft Console. No one is crying foul for Sony "buying" Bloodborne from the developer "From Software" to appear on its platform.
BlackTar187  +   354d ago
Demon Soul and most of From Software games i believe were always PS console/PC
I agree on half of what your saying but I really doubt tomb raider will double it's sales, I honestly think master chief collection might do it but to be fair ps4 has good line up as well as xbox should be fun to see the outcome after Christmas
rmw2hot87  +   354d ago
U Mad Bro
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HumanAfterAll  +   354d ago
Yeah this is getting absurd now. People are getting all upset because of an exclusive 3rd party title.

So I guess if it's not ok for SE to make this only for xbox then it's not ok for From Software to make Bloodborne exclusive either. Bandai Namco could have published that instead of Sony but they didn't.

If you really want it get the other console. Owning both is so much better than owning one. everybody is acting like it's not ok for Xbox to have exclusives. So many people have port begged that I'm starting to wonder if anyone even cares about having fun with games anymore.
Whitey2k  +   354d ago
The reason hell alot of us ps4 owners are upset because alot gre up with tomb raider on psx and since its based and a sequel to 2013 tomb raider that was on all platforms this one shouldnt be an exclusive this is a big fuck you from crystal dynamics to all the ps4 and pc owners n saying ur not getting our sequel
MorePowerOfGreen  +   354d ago
Complaining helps no one. What makes gamers think it's 100% about the money? Maybe the devs like DX12 or Azure etc etc. Devs could be prepping for what MSFT has coming hence the reason haters are confused about devs backing the "losing team" Devs know better.
#28 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
GryestOfBluSkies  +   354d ago
you're delusional. everything is about money. this is buisness.
BlackTar187  +   354d ago
Crytek too i guess.
ziggurcat  +   354d ago
"What makes gamers think it's 100% about the money?"

... uh... because this *timed* exclusivity *is* about money?
grayfoxx881  +   354d ago
Well if this is a timed exclusive, I will be buying this game USED. Either way they are not getting my money.
Corpser  +   354d ago
All these articles lol, no doubt this is THE story from gamerscon
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