Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Xbox Exclusivity Helps No One

Lara Croft's next adventure isn't coming to PlayStation or PC. Despite some short term gains, the long term effects this could have the Tomb Raider franchise are probably not very good. Could abandoning a large group of a fanbase put the series in a bad place moving forward?

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DanteVFenris6661380d ago

We have uncharted, so why would Microsoft bother. If there going to buy a big name like that there was a lot of better options

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I'm not sure it's a system seller -- It might have just alienated more consumers than it integrated.

Just saiyan.

realplu1380d ago

I agree. As a Playstation gamer, I'm just not going to go out and by a Xbox for Sunset Overdrive or Tomb Raider. These developers just closed the door on any support from me. Also my excitement for Plants vs Zombies has faded so it's a no buy.

I will be enjoying Destiny. Can't wait!

Soldierone1380d ago

I'd have to disagree with Sunset Overdrive. We didn't get say Sunset 1 and it was never announced for PlayStation. The entire time that was an Xbox exclusive, no questions asked.

Now if say IG released Sunset Overdrive on both, then turned around and made the 2nd one exclusive....THAT becomes a problem.

Them simply making an exclusive game? Who cares, skip it and buy their next one. Unless of course that becomes Sunset Overdrive 2, then yeah, it's a problem. Same scenerio here, if Tomb Raider devs simply made a different game exclusive? Cool. The fact that it's Tomb Raider though? Screw them.

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