Gamescom 2014: Sony announces new IP "The Tomorrow Children" trailer

Sony just kick started its Gamecom conference with this 3rd person multiplayer cooperative game by Q-Games(The creators of Pixel Junk games).

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MightyNoX1139d ago

Keep bringing dat new IP

Kingthrash3601139d ago

Rime won the conference IMO.

uth111139d ago

This trailer is the first time I've actually been interested in Rime

zeuanimals1139d ago

Can't decide over Rime or Wild. Also, what's up with the ominous single syllable names? Not complaining, just want to know why it's become a trend. Probably the simplicity.

Evilsnuggle1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

I loved Rime last year but wished SONY showed some combat game play. Was blown away by wild looks amazing.

This is why I prefer SONY over Xbox . Sony is not afraid to take chances with new games. Microsoft makes games to fit in there target demographic Dude bro action shooter Junkies

gameon19851139d ago

keep bringing them undies is more like it.

Rimeskeem1139d ago

Maybe you should do some research before making stupid comments

Godmars2901139d ago

Little Big Comrade...with mechs

The_Infected1139d ago

This and Rime both look amazing. Rime is beautiful and relaxing while this game looks very unique and fun.

GDDR6_20141139d ago

Why is this ps4 exclusive? Thank you Sony $$$

zeuanimals1139d ago

Co-developed by Sony Japan.

boing11139d ago

You're trying too hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.