E3 2008: Microsoft Confirms E3 Lineup

Microsoft has confirmed its list of games appearing at this year's E3. While the list is subject to change, here's what you can expect to see coming out of the company's booth.

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Silogon3786d ago

Man, everyone has scaled their showings back. We knew about all of these so there better be something more or it's gonna be a bleak year and start of next year for gaming.

Pain3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Ever Since M$ Pushed its self into the game industry and Demanded everyone Luv them, its been down hill @ E3

M$ threw Money, others had to too, No choice.

Then it became a Huge Pissing Contest M$ kept trying to Win... that made everyone else have to spend biger biger HUGE!!!!! e3 popped!

but.... as long as they SHOW games...few or Lots its still good just Not e3~ish like past ; ;

but i still put the blame on M$ for Killing E3.

oh and on M$ E3 games = weak. keep dreaming

power of Green 3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

You should know by now what MSFT says is coming is not the whole story lol.

Those are just Microsoft Game Studio titles they are willing to talk about as of now.

Veryangryxbot3785d ago

it all proved to be nothing but wishful thinking. You would think idiots like you would learn from your mistake but apparently you bots are too stupid to learn.

Whats the matter, did MS line up disappoint? Only dumb people would be fooled into buying a 360 thinking there are "secret unannounced projects like KI" on the way. ONLY DUMB people.

MS never ever said anything or mentioned anything about secret projects. With 360 it has always been WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.
Be it RROD or its pathetic line up.

Did the line up disappoint? whats the matter, wishing the 360 had more great games instead of a mediocre line up with one good title?
Too bad mister! Thats 360 for ya. Totally average line up. Not worth spending 400 bucks on.


whoknew3785d ago

Plus your forgetting the "secret" FFJRPG from Square I heard rumors that it was FFVII THE REmake Exclusive for the Xbox360 and also rumors about FFXIIIVS Being time exclusive also.

Veryangryxbot3785d ago

Bungie working very hard at the moment. With Sony. Im expecting they will announce this in November.

LuHawk3785d ago

Veryangryxbot How about you just shut your weak ass up

t-0_ot-3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

"Did the line up disappoint?" Nope not at all. Sony has 7 titles listed and MicroSoft has 6 listed. But, MicroSoft has 5 big titles and Sony only has 4 big titles.

1. Fable 2
2. Gears 2
3. Too Human
4. Halo Wars
5. Banjo Kazooie

1. Killzone 2(even though I'm not really looking forward to this game)
2. Little Big Planet
3. Socom
4. Resistance 2

So.. the line-ups are pretty much even, for E3, with MS having just one more big title than Sony, with the current line-ups.

KBDuB3785d ago

"MS never ever said anything or mentioned anything about secret projects." That's why they are secret.. And, you have the nerve to call people dumb.. -.-

Xlll3785d ago

@To_oT - since when is Banjoo a big title game? lol your really reaching now aren't you.

t-0_ot-3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Banjo is a big game title.. Have you not played the previous games? Have you not heard all the people talk about this game?

Banjo was one of the best platform games of it's time.

Xlll3785d ago

Yeah you all talked about it till you found out it was mostly vehicle based. Then it faded away. Rare hasn't made a BIG time game since the N64 days.

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GUNS N SWORDS3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

in the mean while throw in all the new exclusive games that tri-ace just came up with for a total of 9, plus the new games that will be shown at e3 and the ones that will be hitting shelves in 09.

Veryangryxbot3785d ago

Why do guys like you always assume that there is gonna be a whole lot more and that MS somehow has a whole lot more of secrets hiding from all of us.

This is their line up. Thats it. Period. We have known about it for a while now and yes its disappointing but thats what you get for the 360 rofl.

I know you wanted more, but reality is, there isnt.

Every conference has been met with guys like you claiming how "MS has some secret up its sleeve because their line up disappoints. And everytime, its proven to be not true. You would think people would learn from their mistakes.

There is nothing more. The 360 line up is very average so far. But thats what you get when you buy a 360. There are no secret guys working in basements on secret, ultra secret, projects. What you see is what you get man.

GUNS N SWORDS3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

did you even know that star ocean was going to be a 360 exclusive, let alone come out to the 360.........NO!!!!!!!!!

did you know that mistwalker announced already 3 360 exclusive, cry on, blue dragon 2, and ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat,..............NO!!!!!!!

tip this tank of sulfuric acid and i'll put 4 nails on your coffin, NO, make it 8, one on each side top and bottom.

Superfragilistic3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Actually this is only the officially confirmed lineup. To illustrate here's Sony's confirmed list:

Killzone 2 (PS3)
LittleBigPlanet (PS3)
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (PS3)
PixelJunk Eden (PS3)
Resistance 2 (PS3)
SIREN: Blood Curse Episode #1 [PSN] (PS3
SOCOM: Confrontation (PS3)

Now if we were to use your logic for the MS lineup, the above would be it for Sony and I'd throw your ignorant words straight back at you as quoted:

"This is their line up. Thats it. Period. We have known about it for a while now and yes its disappointing but thats what you get for the (PS3) rofl"

But of course, that's not the case. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all have other games that they will all be keeping close to their chest until E3. So you can expect more titles for all parties involved in E3 that will be surprises and/or revealed just like every other E3.

What's a surprise if it's officially confirmed prior?


@Veryangryxbot and his fanboy spam below, the open zone is that way >>>> and even though you weren't directing it at me I have no doubt that you "can go on and on and on", because that's exactly what fanboys do and what gamers don't!


Oh look IGN just confirmed I'm correct!

"Just remember, don't go crazy if your most anticipated title isn't on the list -- after all, E3 is known for its surprises and secrets, not every company is going to let us know everything ahead of time. That means that our list will by no means be complete until the show starts."

3785d ago
GUNS N SWORDS3785d ago

go find the these hidden papers of this confirmation, i'll be waiting right hear, and i don't want you coming back in a year or 2 saying i found them, it'll be already old news by then.

3785d ago
dan-boy3785d ago

just so all the sony fanboys can come rushing in lol. i thought they would all be on mgs today??

anyway, do the threads that people think are anti microsoft get shunted to the top of the page because some saddo fanboys on here are praying that someone will see them and not a buy a 360??

that's what it seems like to me. n4g? nah, n4sf! that's what it should be called, and it's f^"*ing full to the brim with them.

3785d ago
ravenguard883785d ago

Take a chill pill.

It's too bad you need to hate the Xbox 360 so much, there's some great gaming there. To be honest, this is the first time Sony has ever had a "decent" lineup this generation. It's just the truth. They have some great games, but they have been few and far between. At least it's picking up.

About halfway through that rant I was picturing some scronny pasty dude with cheeto dust on his shirt in tears at his computer screen as he held his shiny PS3 in his lap, stroking it profusely.

There is still hope... Hope that he will take that very same plugged in PS3 into the bath with him.

Extra Guy3785d ago

Don't worry, you'll have 10 bubbles in no time...

Fallen_Angel3785d ago

even if that was there whole list I'd still be pretty excited about it. Most of those games look amazing

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Filanime033785d ago

It's a cool list excited for Fable and that's about it. But microsoft got pretty big support on third party especially on the rpg department that can make it interesting for them hope for more suprises in E3.

Whoooop3785d ago

Well whadayaknow.....

So much for the "We only show games that are coming this year, we don't talk about upcoming ones" hahah.

All those games were announced since 2006 and 2007. Poor bots keep getting raped by MS and they keep liking it.... Must be the KY cream.

lol :)

whoknew3785d ago

Shut up you Sony Droid you and your naomi dies, vamp dies, eva dies and raiden dies are making me sick and tire of hating the xbox360.

Whoooop3785d ago

Apparently you need more KY...

dan-boy3785d ago

you're an idiot. that's all i need to say really.

KBDuB3785d ago

What are you talking about? I don't get what your saying...

"So much for the "We only show games that are coming this year, we don't talk about upcoming ones" hahah. All those games were announced since 2006 and 2007"

Yes, they were announced then.. but, has MicroSoft(themselves) talked about these games? Nope.

GiantEnemyCrab3785d ago

and $ony's line-up wasn't? I can't remeber how long I've been hearing about KZ2, LBP, White Knight Chronicles, FF XIII.

Stop trying to flip things around you poor fishhead. There is a reason why the POS3 has earned a reputation as the Waitstation 3.

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