GTA IV vs. Saints Row 2: Volition's big Mistake

This gameplayer article examines the latest Saints Row 2 trailer and what it actually means for the game and developer Volition. They argue that they've made a big error in releasing the trailer.

"Volition – or at least publisher THQ – has little to gain and plenty to lose by inviting comparisons to GTA IV, let alone actually calling out inconsequential side components from their opponent and comparing them to their game's core gameplay mechanics. The trailer smells like fun for about five seconds, before quickly beginning to reek like desperation - not a good sign so far out from the game's release."

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Silogon3838d ago

I don't see how. Saints Row 2 looks better and more appealing and I think their sense of humor alone is priceless and worth the admission. Their game allows for user freedom, Gta4 does not. You can create your own player and join gangs at will, on Gta4 you can't.

I also think Rockstar is butt hurt over the fact they're getting out classed and it's almost like they want to be the only game in town that offers a large scale, ugly, pop up riddled world full of slow down.

Let's face it, living in rockstars world makes everyone enter matrix mode at the drop of a hat. you'll be walking around or driving just fine and then all of a sudden you just slow down for no apparent reason.


SlappingOysters3838d ago

this is kind of off topic, but I have never had such problems with slow down. Which version of the game are you playing? On X360 if you have one of those early dodgy ROMs I know it can happen a lot, which means it is not Microsoft, not Rockstars, fault.

sandip7873838d ago

i kind of agree.
theres no way GTA deserves all the hate its been given. GTA has always had a certain 'something' that other games try to duplicate, but can never seem to replicate.

thesummerofgeorge3838d ago

I totally agree, especially with the part about comparing random things you can do in gta like shop for clothes etc to core gameplay aspects. The trailer was in bad taste and can't have done much good... Not to mention how much GTA has done for the genre, regardless of how they or anyone else feels about GTA IV, Saints Row wouldn't exist without it.

FCOLitsjustagame3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

It does seem like an act of desperation to me. If your stuff is good you can be class and you don’t need to go on and insult anyone else. Good games speak for themselves.

Do I think GTA was the greatest game ever and deserving of 10's, no but it is a great game with engaging characters. It is what it is and doesn’t try to be anything else. Saints Row looks like a game that is desperately trying to be something its not, instead of just being what it is and their advertising campaign just highlights that.

Now SR has set it self up to fail. Before people would have just said "well its not as good as GTA but it’s a good game" or even "its as good as GTA" no matter how good it is if its not BETTER then GTA it will be ripped to shreds. Of course I am sure they and their fans will just blame the media, hype, people who don’t "get it", everything except the gameplay.

If they can backup their trash talk then good for them, I guess, but they still look like azzes. Sure some ball-players talk sht and back it up, but people still call them sht behind their back and discard them as the punks they are. But class guys can back it up too AND are respected by all (except the punks). I don’t know why you would want to be a sht punk if you really got the skill and could be a class, respected star.... but then I guess some (like the developers of SR) seem to think that sht punk is somehow "cool". But that coolness wears off once the sht punk cant perform anymore, no one sticks up for them once they have no more to offer where class has respect forever.

nice_cuppa3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

saints row 2 looks much more FUN.

i would rather have crackdown 2 though !

LeShin3838d ago

Agreed! It's a pity I never played Crackdown, I hear it is very good.

crck3838d ago

But every single mission is hunt and kill blah blah. But yeah a sequel would have been great. As for Saint's Row 2. Car Bombs and human shields are confirmed to be in the game. Sounds like a blast to me.

SlappingOysters3838d ago

that is exactly what the trailer was designed to make you think. So now when you get the game and it has wonky controls, boring world and no Euphoria you'll go 'this sucks' twice as hard.

It got delayed two months as well, just to add extra 'oh o' to the whole scenario.

I hope it is good, but I call GTA a solid 9 and Saints Row 2 a shaky 7.5 or so.

Slayer OP3838d ago

Have you forgotten how the last game was completly outclassed by GTA san andreas. It couldnt even stand up to a last gen title with crdboard box graphics. Why? Because it an unoriginal clone. It tries to be GTA but it cant. The developers need to get some new idea instead of blatently stealing them from great games they cant live up to.

LeShin3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

But that's exactly the point, the original was outclassed by GTA SAN ANDREAS. Sorry, but San Andreas simply destroys GTA4 in terms of gameplay and, most importantly, FUN! Everyone seems to forget the reason people bought into the GTA series. Was GTA ever known for it's brilliant graphics? No, it was for how fun it was. GTA4 to me was sorely lacking in that area in my opinion GTA:SA will forever be for me, the best GTA. If Saints Row 2 can copy and improve on all the fun I had in GTA:SA, then it's already better than GTA4. I'll let frame rate, pop-ups and graphically inferior character models slide if it meant I really like playing the game........which is exactly the same way I felt about GTA:SA.

If I want to see stunning graphics, I'll watch FF Advent Children.

GTA 4 just got traded in today by me.....nuff said.

N2NOther3838d ago

I had a lot of fun playing GTA IV...Sucks to be you.

Personally, I'm looking forward to SR 2 for the simple fact that it's the best GTA rip-off out there.

ape0073838d ago

agree man,gta4 compeletly sucks compared to awesome (one of the best game ever made)gta:san andreas

Idon't know how rockstar ruined gta with 4

rockstar,you know that in your deep hearts

the question is,did rockstar north really devoloped gta4

rockstar,I don't want you to be like rare.

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