Night Trap ReVamped Won't Head To Nintendo Systems

Nintendo’s Wii U has picked up a lot of support from indie developers over the last couple of years thanks to relaxed rules and regulations. There are also numerous examples of Nintendo going out of their way to aid and assist developers who might otherwise not of been able to bring their game to the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Apparently one developer who had some dealings with Nintendo in the 1990s who aren’t so open to change, are flat out refusing to contemplate bringing their game, Night Trap ReVamped to any of Nintendo’s systems.

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randomass1711351d ago

Hmm interesting reason. I've seen people avoid Nintendo for their policies today. This is the first time I've seen a dev avoid them for issues from yesteryear. Can't blame them, but hopefully they will give Nintendo another try someday.

Neonridr1351d ago

well Night Trap did release on the Sega CD, a main competitor to Nintendo. Maybe these guys still live in the Blast Processing Days or something.. :P

ChickeyCantor1351d ago

" I've seen people avoid Nintendo for their policies today"

"today" they are actually far more open.
It's just silly from a business point of view to hold grudges from eons ago.

But eh, whatever.

randomass1711351d ago

Yeah, I gave it a little more thought and it does seem kind of silly when the people who did that to them aren't even at Nintendo anymore. I understand why they are bitter but they should probably give Nintendo a second shake since Nintendo is hardly the same company from back then right now.

LOL_WUT1351d ago

Hey at least they were honest about it and it just goes to show how it isn't all sunshines and rainbows with Nintendo. I'll be definitely be supporting them on another console ;)

MCTJim1351d ago

Woot...Dana Plato(before the drugged out days) :D

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1351d ago

Todd Bridges was just in the news today too.

deafdani1351d ago

Lol. So, they're resentful for something that happened in the 90's?

It was a different time, and it was a different company. The guy he's talking about isn't even working at NIntendo anymore, for Christ's sakes!

They say that you should "never burn bridges"... but that's exactly what they're doing here, with that stupid and immature behavior.

Those events were more than 20 years ago. Get over it, dude.

MCTJim1351d ago

What even more ironic is I still have the game along with Road Avenger sitting next to the console. Night Trap was great the first and 2nd time you beat it. Nintendo should release it, its not really a demanding game and since retro is the new thing in games as of late, why not take a chance and offer it digitally....if not, then may MS or Sony will pick it up for 10 bucks on their marketplaces.

randomass1711351d ago

Didn't really think of it that way. If I had made a game and another company burned me like that, I'd be pretty bitter too. But then you are right the people who did the burning aren't even at Nintendo anymore so why still be bitter at this point?

vengeance1351d ago

Wow a 20 year old grudge, they should make this into a movie, any suggestions for a title?
Seriously though I'm sure his remarks are just to draw attention to their kickstarter, which I hope they get.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1351d ago

Like I said a month ago,
some of the 3rd Party dislike of Nintendo is from the strict Nintendo Quality Seal days.

Back when devs had to get review and permission to release on NES and SuperNES.
Some of the CEOs and Devs are in there 40s to 60s and they still remember the stress and struggle of yester-year.

I am glad to read that many of you think they should forgive because that is exactly what Nintendo tries and has to do with all of the other devs who have snubbed them.

thehobbyist1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Well let us not forget to remind those CEOs and Devs that they caused the Nintendo Seal of Quality to exist in the first place. With the shortest development periods mere weeks and then release. Nintendo saved gaming from buggy made-in-a-week cash grabs.

They did this to themselves. If they wanna get bitchy about it. Then it's purely just wasted energy.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1350d ago

-I have not forgotten, I've said that too.

Nintendo saved the Gaming industry after the (Atari/Intellivision/Coleco) crash.

Sony would later help liberate the Gaming industry esp with CDs (PS was built by Nintendo and Sony but Nin' stayed with Cartridges).

I would rather have the freedom with the Possibility of shovel-ware.

But without the NQS of yore, the consumer would never have regained faith in the Counsel Industry.

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