Anything goes (so long proprietary peripherals) (PS3 delight #002)

Microsoft's been doing the talking, Sony is doing the walking. PlayStation 3 is the console for those that value choice. From a standard three-pronged power chord to a standard hard drive bay, Sony's hardware is compatible with a vast range of products, including additional operating systems (e.g., Linux).

Already own a USB headset? What about a web cam? As Microsoft forces us to buy into -- often inferior -- proprietary devices, Sony welcomes us to use those peripherals we might already have lying around. Bravo!

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Ugly American4382d ago

Oh...wait. You don't NEED a USB headset with the 360. It will work with any cellphone headset. And wait, I can plug in an iPod? How proprietary. Wait, what do I really need a keyboard for if I have nice and easy voice chat throughout EVERY game. And I don't have some ridiculous cellphone keypad.

The Xbox Camera is the only proprietary device... and I guess the wireless headset...

So now I HAVE to go buy a USB Keyboard to type efficiently on the PS3. I HAVE to go buy a USB headset to talk... if anybody will talk back. And I care about next-gen gaming, not Linux. Seriously.

kmis874382d ago

The 360 wireless is entirely proprietary, so wireless controllers and any wireless keyboards/mice/whatever will be proprietary as well.

Ugly American4382d ago

Wireless... true. And with the exception of the new headset, so what? Everything works great...flawlessly.

But this article was about USB devices. And if they come out with a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse? I will save those for my PC, not the gaming nirvana that is my 50 in HDTV with 360 and PS3.

Omali4382d ago

Wow, what a fanboy article. Seriously I mean, if the article was solely about the benefits of Sony's compatibility with random peripherals that's fine, but why is it more focused on "as opposed to MS who MAKES us buy INFERIOR proprietary stuff." Get over it already. Have fun with your PS3 and stellar launch lineup. I'm gonna play some Gears, peace.

WaCkY_MuNkY4382d ago

The damn things burn out before you can use anything on it!

Balance4382d ago

they are also forgetting the fact you GET a headset with the 360, no need to buy anything unless you choose get a 3rd party or wireless one.

THWIP4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

...all of that stuff is USESLESS with the PS3. Sure, it will plug in and be recognized, but what use is any of it?

- The headset is for internet chat; we all know Sony's online plans are still largely up in the air and cryptic, AT BEST

- Webcam? ALSO only useful over the internet. So how exactly will that work on the PS3? Nobody knows.

- The keyboard would only be useful for browsing...which is highly restricted on the PS3 (sorry, but you won't be viewing porn on your console). For chat purposes, it's 100% useless, unless your're a PC freak/geek. Who wants to sit on their couch with a keyboard in their lap? If you own a 360, you can simply create a voicechat session, and talk all you want, hands -free...or start up a game, without interupting the chat. Sorry Sony fans...your PS3 can't/won't do that. :o

Ugly American4382d ago

UNFORTUNATELY. In the waiting area for Resistance: FOM, it only offers text chat. So trying to chat ANYTHING to someone in your party takes about 5 minutes. Freakin' ridiculous. The keyboard is very useful even though it shouldn't be.

I had to coordinate a Resistance Custom game over my cellphone the other day. Now THAT is Next-Gen.

THWIP4382d ago

...I meant in a PRACTICAL sense. Like I said, if you have a 360, you don't NEED a lame-ass keyboard...OR a cellphone. ;)

Ugly American4382d ago

Oh, I know... unfortunately, I know. Color me frustrated.

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The story is too old to be commented.