Hyrule Warrior's Artbook Pictures - Shows off Female Link Concept Art

Photographs of the official hyrule warriors artbook.

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randomass1711382d ago

Maybe I'm alone in this, but she's kinda cute. Clever how the tunic works like a skirt. If that's what a female Link would look like I'd be cool with it.

Geobros1382d ago

Same. I don't mind if next Link is female.

ZoidsRaven1382d ago Show
chrissx1382d ago

Would love to play/see hyrule from a female hylians perspective. That female link looks good

wonderfulmonkeyman1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

A female Link just feels wrong, especially considering its the spirit of the HERO, not the HEROINE, that goes into each new Link.
Playing as Link's DAUGHTER, though...that, I could see happening. Or Zelda's daughter. Both work. Just don't name the daughter Link.

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