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When you think of Risen, instantly a picture comes to mind. Either its an underrated RPG with a terrible sequel or it’s a franchise that is as of yet to bring something wondrous to gaming. We are on the third in the series now with the story of a man who’s killed by a dark lord in the beginning and then resurrected some time later by a tribal man. For the most part the story sticks nicely, however the way it is portrayed and the way the game feels ultimately overshadows the story.

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Hendrickson1288d ago

An honest review, unlike the brought 9/10 reviews...

SlapHappyJesus1288d ago

People's personal opinions can vary wildly. You can't argue that a 9/10 is paid any more than you can say a rival publisher pays for the 4/10 reviews.
I, for one, really enjoy the series. While not considering them perfect, what they attempt to do isn't attempted by many and is handled well.
I, personally, would have given the first title a 7 and the second an 8. I am not entirely done with the game yet, but you can expect about the same once the review is up later in the week.

It's all opinion though. As long as they are honest reviews, any one opinion shouldn't be valued over another. Reviews are nothing more than just another element that should be used by gamers to make an educated purchase decision.
To put things into perspective though, you calling the 4/10 a fair score puts it 30% lower than the aggregate score on Metacritic. And the 9/10 scores you've apparently seen are from sites that can't even be found on Metacritic.
Please explain why those would be the sites being bought off?
Really though. I am not trying to start anything. I am just looking for justification.

Roccetarius1288d ago

After playing and completing the first game, i was cautious with the 2nd. I ended up leaving it alone, and it seems like the same with this game.

Perjoss1288d ago

I think the preorder for this game is number 1 in steam sales, if it really is a terrible game then its a good lesson for the fools that love to preorder games before review scores arrive.

Shinuz1288d ago

Is the combat more like the first one or the sequel?

SlapHappyJesus1288d ago

It's Risen 2's with some things switched around.

Shinuz1288d ago

thanks, guess ill wait for a pricedrop then.

SlapHappyJesus1288d ago

I'm rather enoying the game, honestly. I am one of the few in the camp that felt Risen 2 was better than the original.
If you didn't take it Risen 2 though, well, yeah. Risen 3 is more of the same, for the most part.