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Neil writes "Rum is great. Especially if you want to try and forget that your soul has been removed and you’re wandering around a world full of pirates, tribesmen, strange monsters and frustration.

And rum plays a major role in Risen 3 Titan Lords. Thankfully".

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oKidUKo1350d ago

Doesn't seem like the type of game to lure me back to the 360.

jegheist20141350d ago

frame dipso n ps3 version or horrendous graphicsl ook like shite its wanna be priates version of ac with pc style dragon age combat system awful this is worst rpg series i eva played hated 1st 2 looked at gameplay for 3 its still awful

looks like early ps2 game if that horrible textures horible frame dips awful piece of crap with 50 to 60 dollar price tag stamped on it

SlapHappyJesus1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

In-depth combat, a well realized open world that actually allows a lot of freedom in how you tackle quests and alter the game's story.
If that's the worst you've played, well, ok. Good for you, because you are playing a lot of truly fantastic games then.
It sounds more like you can't get past the fact the game was obviously done on a budget, as is true with all Piranha Bytes games.
You make said budget sound ten-fold than what it even is, honestly. And it's not even much of a budget title even so.