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PC MOBA Smite is coming to Xbox One

Smite will come to Xbox One before any other console. (Smite, Xbox One)

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nikrel  +   227d ago
I hope my God Founders pack will come with me...
ColManischewitz  +   227d ago
Is this another Xbox One move with an eye to its Chinese launch?
ATi_Elite  +   227d ago

XB1 is looking to cash in on MOBA during China Launch and Smite will help but they should of tried to get Heroes of Newerth too.
darkronin229  +   227d ago
Smart move. Not too many MOBAs (any?) on consoles right now.
wita  +   227d ago
Yeah, it'll be nice to check this out on a console.
LordMe  +   227d ago
That LotR MOBA was on consoles... Can't remember the name.

One Google later: Guardians of Middle Earth!
Lubu  +   227d ago
And Awesomenauts.
JeffGrubb  +   227d ago
I ... might try this.
IAmNotAMonster  +   227d ago
As a guy that's played way too much Smite, this is a smart move. The third-person view and aimed abilities will translate really well to the controller.
Kaizin514  +   227d ago
As someone who has, on occasion, played Smite with a controller on PC for fun... I can easily say this will translate well, and I think it would be a fun way to play on my tv as opposed to PC.
TRD4L1fe  +   227d ago
MS knows what they're doing. Great conference MS
Ol_Boy  +   227d ago
This looks pretty good.
Chaoticmoon  +   227d ago
While in my opinion Smite is one of the worse Mobas out there (Dota2 woop), Smite is probably the best fitted one for consoles with the 3rd person viewpoint, so how about some PS4 love after XboxOne gets it?
Deathdeliverer  +   227d ago
I agree with you totally. Smite really isn't in the same league as Dota, league of legends, and even the newer heroes of the storm that I've played in alpha. That being said it is a start and translates to a controller better. I can only imagine if this catches on and Sony or Microsoft secure a console exclusive, cross platform play enabled League of legends or Dota 2. Even HON. Especially with how well keyboard and mouse support worked on ps4 with final fantasy 14 arr. Anyway I will be there to show my support day one for this to some degree. Hopefully other console gamers embrace it and it catches the attention of the top tier MOBA devs. Gotta start somewhere and I gotta Thank EA for the LOTR console moba and awesomenauts dev for getting this ball rolling.
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Chaoticmoon  +   227d ago
I feel like Smite is really the only MOBA that would work on a console because many heroes/champions in both League and Dota2 would translate over to controller VERY badly.
Deathdeliverer  +   227d ago
That's why I say with kb and mouse. And tbh, picture this. Move your character with the left stick instead of click to move. Right stick will be your aim similarly to twin stick shooters. Or picture it as the mouse pointer. You have 4 shoulder buttons for your q,w,e,r skills. Click left/right stick in for the 2 additional skills depending on the hero or game. "D and F". You could map quick use items to the face buttons and have smart cast on (which is in almost all mobas). I have friends that would love moba games if they had more direct control over the character. I think this controller set up could work great. Hardest thing would be balancing the sensitivity for the right stick "mouse" control.
neocores  +   227d ago
Yeah was awesome to see it come to xbox :D i have a ps4 and im sure we will get it to but its great news to see smite hit on a console i cant wait:D
HacSawJimThugin  +   227d ago
Excited for this game on Xb1... No more Twitch envy.
jdktech2010  +   227d ago
To the DOTA 2 praise above, I don't think Smite is trying to be DOTA 2 unless DOTA 2 is a third person action MOBA.

Ever since I saw this game, I thought it was suited for consoles and I will definitely check it out once it releases.

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