PC MOBA Smite is coming to Xbox One

Smite will come to Xbox One before any other console.

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nikrel1407d ago

I hope my God Founders pack will come with me...

ColManischewitz1407d ago

Is this another Xbox One move with an eye to its Chinese launch?

ATi_Elite1406d ago


XB1 is looking to cash in on MOBA during China Launch and Smite will help but they should of tried to get Heroes of Newerth too.

darkronin2291407d ago

Smart move. Not too many MOBAs (any?) on consoles right now.

wita1407d ago

Yeah, it'll be nice to check this out on a console.

NovusTerminus1406d ago

That LotR MOBA was on consoles... Can't remember the name.

One Google later: Guardians of Middle Earth!

IAmNotAMonster1407d ago

As a guy that's played way too much Smite, this is a smart move. The third-person view and aimed abilities will translate really well to the controller.

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The story is too old to be commented.