Are You Ready To Sneak Out?

Sev1512 of writes:


Its actually finally here…

I just got my call from Gamestop, telling me I could pick up my Limited Edition copy of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots tomorrow(TONIGHT) at midnight. A moment I have been dreaming of for years.

Knowing that this is the end of the of the "Solid Snake Story" gives me some mixed feelings. Of course I cannot wait to get my hands on this masterpiece, and I only have a great gaming experience to gain, but inside I feel a loss. A part of playstation, a part of gaming, and a part of my history will be gone. Never have I developed such a "relationship" with a game or its characters. Never have I enjoyed a franchise as much as I have Metal Gear Solid. Never have I wanted to play a game so badly.

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cmrbe3786d ago

with you dude. 4 years of waiting. Now its time to really celebrate. I have waited this long. Its now time to reap the benefit of waiting on quality.As they say. All good things comes to those that wait.