Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare… Sure Does Remind Us Of A Few Other Shooters

Call of Duty has always been a title that served as the template for some other shooters to be built upon. The controls are great, the mechanics are great, but the formula gets stale fast, and it seems like without something to cast some shine on a new title (like Zombies or Extinction), the games get pretty old pretty quick, which is good since there’s a new game every year.

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gamerfan09091383d ago

I'm interested to know if they saw any piece of info from Titanfall before they made this game. I'm not saying they copied them, but the concept choice is rather ineresting.

Debaitable1383d ago

Why Titanfall? This is more in line with Crysis.

famoussasjohn1383d ago

No, the game has been in development before Titanfall was even teased or announced. It would be impossible for Sledgehammer to get the concept from Titanfall's announcement and get everything up and running in less than a year.

There was speculation that Zampella and West wanted to make a different game (possibly titanfall) after releasing MW2 but Activision didn't want any part of that and wanted them to make CoD only. So they could have possibly pushed Sledgehammer to making Advanced Warfare when they signed them on.

nippletwister1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Ah fuck it. I wanted to say a shitload but it's better not to. It's not worth it.
I'll just leave this here for anyone interested in something different and new (sort of, more like FRESH) in FPSs:

Really underrated and i wish it was more widely known.

Mikelarry1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Off topic: EA royally screwed up their one chance to dethrone cod and they chose to release TF on a single console.

OT: looking at this reminds me of tf is so many ways, the only reason i dont keep playing titanfall is because i never had all my clan on the xbox one. once this release i cant see titanfall next iterration beating cod a, the cod players who left to try "something different" on titanfall are gonna eat this up.

gamerfan09091383d ago

If you did your research the Titanfall guys wouldn't have even been able to afford to make Titanfall if it wasn't for MS.

Mikelarry1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

how naive are you???. the game was being published by EA and you think they (respawn) could not afford to make them game without MS come on now

slivery1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Not like I ever thought I would be defending CoD but the problem with people crying copy or rip off all the time, is there isn't anything in this world that is 100% original.

That is how the human brain works, it only gathers information from what is already out there and creates new ideas based on old ones or what its stored and seen.

Humans can never be original because we don't work that way, all ideas are only extensions of other peoples ideas and so on. We are basically like HDD's or a mirror that collects everything that is reflected into it. Whether people want to accept that or not that is how the human brain functions.

People can try all they want to but they will never be original, hell we are just copies of other people to begin with since that how birth works also.

As time goes by collectively things will be more and more similar because there won't be much room for completely new extensions of ideas from people anymore since just about everything will have already been thought of one day.

thezeldadoth1383d ago

its funny because almost every new game this year reminds me of another game, but for some reason cod is the only one to get called out for it

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