Should We Expect a New Nintendo Handheld in The Near Future?

Middle of Nowhere Gaming writes: "It is the same old story that we have been hearing for months now. Nintendo is in a battle with the struggling sales of the Wii U, as the 3DS is unsurprisingly still having strong sales worldwide. Being one of the most popular handheld devices across the globe, it would be crazy to think Nintendo would be already thinking about a new device. However, Nintendo has never been one to stop innovating. It all comes down to a matter of time. So when should we expect the next big handheld device from the guys who do it best?"

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MultiConsoleGamer1163d ago


Also, it's a tablet / home console.

ATi_Elite1163d ago

you mean they haven't already released a new one YET? LOL

I think Nintendo has more handhelds than Capcom has versions of SF2

KonsoruMasuta1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

No, it's not.

Iwata has already explained their plans. They will have two separate devices with a similar architecture that makes it easier to port up and down.

The devices will be seperate but will work close together.

In other words, the hybrid rumour is false. Their next handheld and console will not be one device.

slivery1163d ago

I don't think we will see hybrid systems for a really long time or if ever, there are too many ups and downs between handhelds and consoles that they would really have to make a lot of comprises just to make a system that is both.

That is why things like Remote Play and Off TV play exist, is to fill that need. Plus people who prefer consoles won't like having a hybrid system and people who prefer handhelds won't like it either.

I just see too many problems with merging the two right anytime soon.

slivery1163d ago

Isn't the Wii U already that?

I am also pretty sure will hear about a new handheld from Nintendo in a couple years maybe even two. So really I don't think it is that far off, no doubt they have been working on a new one for a while now.

3DS is going on 3 years old, so it's probably a little over halfway through its life cycle. I don't think it will see as long as a cycle as the DS did.

SteamPowered1163d ago

The Wii U is far from Portable, and yet not as powerful as the other consoles. Its kind of an in-betweener device. I wish they would have untethered the tablet for play, but oh well...

slivery1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )


I don't get what you're saying. A tablet is a tablet, portable or not. So the Wii U is a tablet/home console was my point.

If they did that the Wii U would be far more expensive because of the things needed to completely free it, like the PS Vita and Remote Play but the PS Vita is a separate device and Nintendo probably would have had to do the same because it would have made the Wii U's price way too high.

It would make much more sense if they added the same type of streaming functions that Remote Play has to their newer handhelds. So you can get more portability but in all reality unless you're near Wi-Fi or have Wi-Fi everywhere none of this will work anyway so it will never be fully portable.

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SteamPowered1163d ago

I really dont know how they could possibly improve the 3DS. That unit is solid gold in my humble opinion.

BattleReach1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

- HD Screen (at least 720p)
- Dual Analog (without Circle Pad Pro)

But still, the 3DS is a great gaming device.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1163d ago

- Dual Analog (without Circle Pad Pro)

No no no and no

slivery1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I could think of some things, it isn't perfect, gold sure but not perfect gold.

A much better screen, I don't personally need HD but anything better than what it is now would be nice or something more along the PS Vita screen.

A second analog stick, because using an accessory to make one is kind of ridiculous.

Better stereoscopic 3D, better viewing radius with the 3D instead of the small window you have now to use the 3D correctly.

An actual touch screen that is more like the Wii U's gamepad, that can be both used with the stylus and your hands since the 3DS's is a little different and much harder to use with your fingers.

contradictory1163d ago

better hardware, obviously.
and the dual analog...
why it was missing in the first place is beyond me

DiscoKid1163d ago

If it ain't broke....

3DS is doing solid at the moment.

filchron1163d ago

it may not be "broke" but there are definitely some aspects of it that can be improved. for example most people play with the 3D off because of how terrible the resolution in 3D mode is leading people to say that they "hate 3D", leading nintendo to put out the 2DS which to me kinda symbolizes that something is fundamentally wrong with the product when you make a new version without the biggest feature/talking point of the last one you made.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1163d ago

when the 3DS cycle is over I expect and HD handheld with access to every Nintendo game ever. Or at least Gamecube and up but thats already asking for a lot.

filchron1163d ago

that actually sounds fairly reasonable and not too crazy at all.

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