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Why I didn't like The Last of Us

DS: It's clear that I'm in the minority, but I didn't like The Last of Us. I played the title more than one year ago now after it launched to universal acclaim. Digital Spy loved it. Other critics loved it. PlayStation fans loved it. Even my friends and colleagues who rarely play games and use their PlayStation 3 consoles as nothing more than a Blu-ray player loved it – and yet, Naughty Dog's blockbuster left me cold. (PS3, PS4, Retro, The Last Of Us)

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funkybudda  +   467d ago | Well said
I might be in the majority, but really dont like this writer or the trash he wrote.
nX  +   467d ago | Well said
Let him be, he obviously doesn't know how to deal with clickers... or the AI, or the game in general. His arguments are not comprehensible to me.
Prime157  +   466d ago
Yeah, that's what I felt after reading this: he should have put it a difficulty down, or maybe even two.

As difficulties go up, you find less crafting ingredients (full shivs, even), less ammo, enemies do more damage and have more health...

Ps4's tlou's resolution made survivor a breeze for me as I found it much easier to see the infected. I remember on the ps3 version not being able to make them out at times, almost running head on into them. Haven't decided if I want to try grounded.

He's entitled not to like it, but there have been many games that I've liked more on different difficulties.
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XBLSkull  +   466d ago
I don't dislike it, but I'm 2/3 done with the game and it certainly doesn't live up to perfect scores and 200+ GotY awards (not sure on that number) The game is well made but it's all stuff I've done in other games. Joel is a forgettable character and Ellie swears to much, probably for shock value or something. I'm on the remastered version, never played the original. The graphics are good but it's certainly still a last gen game in that department. I'm starting to get a little bored in it now, I think when I am done I don't intend on playing the DLC, whatever that is called (Left Behind maybe?) I give it a solid 8.5/10, but it isn't the masterpiece people say it is, and Grand Theft Auto V definitely deserved those GotY awards over this IMO. But the cool thing these days is to not give awesome sequels the credit they deserve and if something is new that is major points in peoples books. Of course Naughty Dog has this cult following of hardcore fanboys who think they are the cream of the crop of game development (lol), and you can bet anything else they put out will be "Masterpiece" "10/10" "GotY" "Best game ever made" in the eyes of some.
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thorstein  +   466d ago
This is the new trend, BTW. Find something well received by critics and gamers alike. Then write a piece about how it [underwhelms, is overhyped, etc. etc. etc.].

I have a hypothesis that these guys don't even really play the games as much as they just want to disparage something. I call them hateboys.

Worse than fanboys, they disparage all things in a community. (I'm not sure if it is a hipster thing)

The reality boils down to this: they hate gaming, gamers, and the industry in general.

They aren't interested in constructive dialogue, just in looking down their noses at something many people love.

I am not a huge fan of the Witcher, but I don't go around claiming it is "underwhelming" or "overhyped." (I am giving Witcher 3 a try though.)

Better headlines: Why I don't Like Video Games.

Why Do I Struggle at Playing Video Games like the Last of Us.

Give up the anger, guy. Listen to Yoda. "Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." Don't suffer anymore, guy. Let it go.

XBL Skull. 1 Bubble after 18 days on here? Stealth trolling is still trolling.
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Gaming101  +   466d ago
Ok not gonna lie, the author has mild down syndrome... take it easy on him. He can't figure out rudimentary game design... this website lets him write for them as charity.
N0gg1nsh0tz  +   466d ago

Just gonna say, Grounded is ruthlessly realistic and difficult and is a huge challenge.

I believe it's how the game should be played (at least tried, but definitely not for those who are feint of heart or very easily tempered :)

I'm loving playing the game on this difficulty. and i love the game generally. 10/10 in my opinion on any difficulty setting.
dj3boud  +   466d ago
what he really wanted to say... he likes the "clickers".. you know, ones that click on his article/ads :P
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jimjam3442  +   467d ago
tlou imo was a very well made game, my only gripe is the annoying film grain.
but the game is not in my top 10. my top 10 list contains games that got 50 on metacritic so if youre one of those numbers guys i could care less.
joab777  +   467d ago
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I wonder what difficulty he played on...and how he approached it. I thought the stealth and gunplay were seem less in your ability to use either at any time. The enemy A I is pretty damn good, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some take similar routes but also change it up on u. I agree that the companion A I is a little wierd but c'mon...compared to other games, it's pretty good.

I do think difficulty matters for this so called immersion he craves. Just b/compared the story is so damn amazing, this is a game. There are plenty of movies to watch.
XxExacutionerxX  +   467d ago
He does bring up a good point about the A.I. They do run in front of enemies or clickers and they won't spot them but will only spot you. I like the gunplay because making sluggish aiming rises the fear of someone running at you ready to kill you or eat you. Ps Fanboys, Last of Us is a great game but it's not perfect and the ending was a let down. It's just someone's opinion on the game.
The opening is the most highly emotional part of the whole game. When you have a child of your own, that scene really hits hard and bring you right into Joels shoes.
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sonarus  +   467d ago
agreed. The user AI could have been done better. But everything else he complained about to me was complete bs. The gunplay was excellent, enemies were adequately challenging and narration was great.
averagejoe26  +   466d ago
You realize that "the game not being perfect and the ending being a let down" is an opinion, right? PS fanboys are entitled to theirs' as well.
jimjam3442  +   466d ago
@averagejoe26 i think its hilarious when people feel the need to tell you that your opinion is just an opinion. are you so butthurt that you feel the need to state that? i agree with executioner completely, coming from 360 i thought tlou was going to be like the damn second coming of jesus thanks to all the bs 10/10 this game got. tlou was a very well made game, but to be honest i far more enjoyed my 100+ hours with red dead redemption, or the walking dead game than tlou. in a small way, the last of us tells an identical story to the walking dead. middle aged broken adult get paired with girl, two eventually become very attached and would kill to protect each other. only difference is that ND decided to leave the ending open for a sequel, that both characters can be in. oh and they both are in the apocalypse.
SilentNegotiator  +   467d ago
"I must tell the internet why I don't like one of the most highly acclaimed games of the 7th generation that's a year old! It MUST be done!!"

I think I'll write an article informing you guys why I don't like Half-Life 2 (To be clear: I'm being facetious; I love HL2).
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Lord_Sloth  +   466d ago
Go ahead, Silent, I'm listening.
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ChozenWoan  +   466d ago
This is a safe place, we are all here for you.
shinrock  +   466d ago
So people should only write about what they like in the ps section?
nosferatuzodd  +   466d ago
when these click bait try to get hits we should just dont respond to it and let it die then real stories will get a chance to shine
TheSaint  +   466d ago
If everyone liked the same stuff life would be dull.
TheSaint  +   465d ago
F me who's the genius that disagreed with that?
BillySpandex  +   466d ago
Maybe I should write an article "Why I didn't like Digitalspy...". These sort of articles serve no purpose, they're unnecessary fluff.
SaveFerris  +   467d ago
Well, someone has to be THAT guy.
Neixus  +   467d ago
eh, each to their own, I loved this game, but i respect others opinions.

But i gotta say, this statement made no sense;
''The prologue is undoubtedly the highlight of the entire game''

Opening was good, but nothing compared to the later sections. I don't know what he was smoking while playing through the later chapters, but obviously he forgot them.

Both narrative, story and gameplay wise, the winter section is really something for itself.
HanzoHattori  +   467d ago
The title should be "I know no one cares if I don't like The Last Of Us, but i'm writing this story any way."
Aceman18  +   467d ago
to the writer of this article, and in the immortal words of the church lady

"Well isn't that special"
chrissx  +   467d ago
I guess to each his own. The last of us is one of the best games of last generation
Rob_Ko  +   467d ago
someone wants to be a cool hipster
ShowGun901  +   467d ago
my favorite game last gen was "Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion"... you've probably never heard of it.
BloodShed269  +   467d ago
Be on the look out for my new story, "Why I don't like people who continue to write about not liking the Last of Us".
DarkLord1003  +   467d ago
Haha - the guy made a huge mistake. I thought he writes something and people would actually care
pastysmash  +   467d ago
Inb4 salt.
asmith2306  +   467d ago
"For starters, the gunplay feels heavy and is frustrating to adapt to. I was never that fond of how weapons felt in Naughty Dog's earlier work with the Uncharted series, yet here in The Last of Us, I find it even less tolerable." - I stopped reading there. I thought UC3 did indeed have woeful gun controls, even after the patch. However, I thought TLOU nailed it. Can't understand how the writer had a problem with the controls. I thought the gameplay was spot on.
Imalwaysright  +   467d ago
I wouldn't even know. Stealth all the way.
asmith2306  +   466d ago
C'mon now, we all enjoy that wonderful sound and explosion when you blow somethings head off in this game!
CrashJones  +   467d ago
To each their own of course.

For me, an awesome gaming experience(even more so on the PS4...so smooth).

The upcoming movie has a lot to live up to, as the motion capture/acting, script and execution thereof were amazing in the game.
incendy35  +   467d ago
Here is some attention. Enjoy
goldwyncq  +   467d ago
I stopped reading when he mentioned Gone Home. No one should ever compare that overrated trash to TLOU. It's alright not to like the game, but implying Gone Home having a superior story to TLOU is insulting to anyone with a brain.
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johndoe11211  +   467d ago
^^This!!! Gone home is what you would consider the ultimate definition of "overrated". To even compare gone home to TLOU is an insult to the human race. The game had the most disappointing ending I have ever seen in a game and gave you a sense of suspense only to completely destroy it with a mediocre teenage love story synopsis. That game only received the acclaim it did because of what it was based around.
assdan  +   467d ago
Or just comparing them in general. Gone home is supposed to tell just a story based on what I've seen. It wouldn't make any sense to have gameplay like that in the last of us. The last of us needed to have brutal gameplay to have it blend properly with the story.
Nerdmaster  +   467d ago
I liked The Last of Us, but I agree with his arguments.
Ripsta7th  +   467d ago
What i want to know is why you Sony fans get mad wen one person doesnt like our exclusives?! Is everyone suppose to love them? I beat TLOU once and that was enough for me ,got the story and everything and played some of the mp. I didnt think it was over the top though like many people claimed, i liked the game. Had this game been on the other platform this site wouldve buried it months back, with no reasons as to why, just like every MS exclusive.
And if you been on this site long enough you know im not making this up
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Rob_Ko  +   467d ago
do yo usee articles "why I don't like Halo, or Gears of War' ? not really.
Nobody gives a fuck if someone doesn't like game A or B, so why suddenly there's tons of TLoU hate on the internet?
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   467d ago
So far I have not read anything that remotely suggests that anyone is mad...People just seem to stating they disagree with the article...And as for your statement about if TLOU had been on another console...That is something that rarely happens..Exclusive games this good...are usual on the Playstation...
gootimes  +   467d ago
Sony fans are mad? Where!
Spotie  +   467d ago
If you've been on this site more than a year, you know you're full of it.

The problem isn't with him bit liking the game; it's with the absolutely abysmal excuses he gives for not liking it, especially when he can't give good examples of a game that does it better.

Like all the people that call the gameplay generic, but don't bother to mention a game that's better at the same type of gameplay. Why call it this game and treat others like they're revolutionary and flawless?

Not every game has to do something new to be good. Sometimes, it just takes slung something old really well. Rather than reinventing anything in gaming, TLOU just does existing things extremely damn well.

And, sometimes, that's all it takes to be great.
Kavorklestein  +   466d ago
So a person has to be able to name off a game that "does something better" in order to know if they like a game or not?
You say, "not every game has to do something new to be good" well take your own advice. People may not need a game to be "THE BIGGEST AND BEST" to be able to enjoy it.

People don't have to name something else that they like or that they think does something better (just to have people pick apart their tastes) to be able to say whether they did or didn't like a game....
And yes, that includes the Last of Us.

People like different things for different reasons.
And yes, you ARE just complaining purely because he didn't like the game.
I shouldn't have to be able to name a game that does something better than Sniper: Rogue Warrior to know that Rogue Warrior is awful. And people shouldn't have to defend their reasons for not liking a game- UNLESS they say "I just didn't like it." If they can't give any details to why they didn't like it, then yeah, they may just be hating for no reason. But beyond that is just their opinion.

I liked the Last of Us, it's solid, and has some intense moments, but I think it gets WAYYYYYYY too much attention and praise.
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WeAreLegion  +   466d ago
Been on the site since 05. This place used to be Xbox fanboy central.
iistuii  +   467d ago
It was the best SP game I've played. The only two niggles I had when I played it were..
A headshot to a person (not clicker) should kill, in Hard sometimes I shot a guy in the head & he just carried on as if nothing happened until the next shot killed him. A clean headshot should kill..ok she did wander around sometimes in full view when I was hiding, but it never took anything away from my stealth enjoyment.
& getting Ellie on a crate the first time was cool, but they used it too much, maybe a log or tyre or broken door, but each time a crate. That's about it really. Brilliant game.
Finalfantasykid  +   467d ago
Enemies in Survivor and Grounded mode take far fewer bullets to go down (so do you). If you use the revolver, it is a one hit kill anywhere on the body (unless they are wearing armor). And I think the 9mm it is two shots, but one if it is a headshot. So they ramped up the realism for both of those modes.
TheBoy  +   467d ago
Overrated game, it's a fantastic story with mediocre generic gameplay, people proclaiming Last of Us as the game of the generation, give me a break, so many other games released last generation that were vastly superior.
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MaxKingoftheWild  +   467d ago
My pudgy thumb accidentally clicked on agree instead of disagree. Must make note of this to correct the shame of making it seem like more people think this guy knows what he is talking about.

As for the comment at hand, I think you need to look up the definition of generic because I don't think it means what you think it means. Hardly any horror games released last gen so the genre wasn't generic. You couldn't get by TLoU playing it as a shooter so it wasn't generic cover based gameplay. Not sure what other games required scavenging for materials to be able to craft weapons or stealth based survival...
#17.1 (Edited 467d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
TheBoy  +   467d ago
The Last of Us... Horror game... lol what? TLOU is essentially just a cover based generic shooter with bare bones stealth mechanics with some of the worst AI I've ever seen, nothing else, generic and bland, just like all Naughty Dog games in recent times.

God damn, went through my entire comment history, you're seriously mind f*cked by me. My opinion is as valid as anyone elses, I have a PS4 and have completed The Last of Us, just because I don't over praise this game like everyone else as the second coming of Christ doesn't make my opinion invalid, but please continue crying and being mind f*cked. The Last of Us is a slightly above average game at best, nothing more or less. http://gyazo.com/c59ebfee17...
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MaxKingoftheWild  +   467d ago
I don't know who you are trying to fool. It's clear you never played TLoU and are trying to claim to own a ps4 to increase your credibility. However, that hardly ever works. It's evident you are a troll.
Master-H  +   467d ago | Well said
Yes i'm sure it is, i'm sure your history of comments praising ms games and downplaying/trolling sony ones have nothing to do with this opinion of yours...

-On The Order : " Gameplay-wise it looks incredibly generic and mediocre. "

-On Killzone : "Eating my own shit > Shoving a pineapple in my ass > Reading the Bible > Drinking my own vomit > Every single Killzone game "

-"Halo 2 ranking system, Halo 5 preview for the BETA... Good lord, Sony better have some megatons, Microsoft killed it at Gamescom."

-"Tomb Raider sequel exclusive to Xbox One, Uncharted 4 who?"

-On DriveClub: "lolDriveclub 50 cars."

-"Halo 5 trailer... It's over, game over for Sony."

-And the most ironic one of all on Ryse :
"Already beaten the game on XB1, I think it's underrated, the reviews don't do the game justice, it's not a great game, but it certainly isn't a bad game."

-On Halo Collection "Cannot wait, this is a true remaster of a classic game, my most anticipated title of the year, giving Halo 2 the treatment it deserves."

-ON TLOU : "Last of Us Upressed to 1080p Edition"

-"Thank god, Quantum Break is my most anticipated title for 2015, Remedy make my favourite games."

-General sony trolling : "I remember last generation a ton of PS3 exclusives flopped unfortunately, maybe that's why Sony is taking an Indie approach for the PS4, much safer and cost effective."

I can't hardly see why anyone would take your opinion seriously when every Sony game is overrated or complete shit to you while every MS game is the best thing ever, sure you might own a ps4 but your bias is obviously showing TheBoy.
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LordMaim  +   467d ago
That's some mighty fine trollcatching there, Master-H.
ShowGun901  +   466d ago

love trolls being picked apart!
good job!
HanzoHattori  +   466d ago
Master-H, now that's how you b*tch slap an @sshat. WELL DONE ! !
BattleTorn  +   466d ago
guyman  +   467d ago
Well thank f that opinions like this^ dont mean anything at all, when you look at the facts, TLOU is arguably the best, if not, among the top 5 best games of last generation. Personally i have never played a game with such incredible characters, extremely well written story, etc. the gameplay and level design was also top notch. If you had said GTA was overrated, then you would have been right.

Ok now that Master H has revealed your previous comments, it's clear that you're a fat troll, i don't have any sympathy for trolls
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gootimes  +   467d ago
TLoU completely re invented multiplayer by having players plan, collect parts and supplies instead of spawning and shooting, you're welcome. It made better scavenging mechanics in single player that are so intense you have to create supplies on the fly while enemies are attacking. It had fantastic AI!!! The clickers are blind! They can only hear you. Ellie is invisible to enemies for a reason! The game would be unplayable if enemies could see her. My word, people are ridiculous.

It did so much for gaming BESIDES the Hollywood class story and dialogue. Just so 5 year olds on N4G can trash it and smack talk.

Edit: You better believe it refreshed and re invented multiplayer. If not for TLoU EVERY single shooter would always be - Spawn, run, fire, die, respawn. TLoU completely changed the way I thought of multiplayer in shooters. If you disagree then tell me why instead of just sounding condescending..
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Big_Game_Hunters  +   467d ago
"TLoU completely re invented multiplayer" lol people actually believe this.

Hollywood class story and dialogue is its only 10/10 feature.
#17.4.1 (Edited 467d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(10) | Report
Stapleface  +   467d ago
"Meanwhile, friendly computer-controlled characters are so clueless during stealth that the developer decided to make them invisible to enemies until you're spotted. Your partner struggles to follow your lead and remain quiet, and it's distracting every time Ellie prefers to loiter out in the open while you're trying to sneak from cover to cover undetected."

This is what bugged me about the game. The AI was stupid as shit.
MaxKingoftheWild  +   467d ago
Can you imagine how fucking obnoxious it would be if the companions set off the enemies and it wouldn't be your fault. The game would be completely broken and unplayable. Making them invisible to enemies is necessary. Just think about how stupid the AI is in the game with the best AI. Now, think about the companions having that AI. Do you really want that if they were detectable to enemies? I sure wouldn't. So the companions AI is irrelevant.
#18.1 (Edited 467d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Stapleface  +   467d ago
Irrelevant to you, not to me. I wanted to get drawn into the game but that constantly broke the immersion that I expected from "The best game of last gen"
Big_Game_Hunters  +   467d ago
not just the friendly AI but the enemy AI is horrible as well, they were nothing like the E3 demo. i liked the game but the Game play needed a quite bit of polish.
Big_Game_Hunters  +   466d ago
Also maybe this can clear things up


Here is some proof that the AI was poor.

#18.3 (Edited 466d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Ezz2013  +   466d ago
1.that Kotaku article is talking about Ellie AI ...not Enemies AI

2.in that youtube video that guy took advantage of a glitch for that level
and 90% of the comments on the video are saying non of that ever happened to them and it never happened to me too ...i and most got MOST of what was showen in E3 demo
they flank joel and attack him from behind him and ellie and hold joel/ellie from behind
they beg for their life
they hear your empty guns and say "i heard that MF"
hey hide in rooms so they can attack joel
when you aim they run to cover
All that happened to me and most even on normal

also here a video of a user showing the great AI
See?...non of what in your youtube video happen here
#18.3.1 (Edited 466d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
rainslacker  +   466d ago
Can anyone here name one game that has friendly AI that is visible to the enemies before the enemies spots the player?

I'm speaking of games like this of course, not ones where you can direct the friendly AI to do something.

I can understand the complaint that it could break immersion, but it certainly doesn't break game play. The other options were to have the characters hang way back until Joel cleared out an area...which means it's less plausible that the friendly AI could actually help you at times, or have the friendly AI noticeable by enemies, which means you'd never be able to stealth through a section because the friendly AI is just stupid overall.
Stapleface  +   466d ago
Keep in mind people I didn't say I didn't like the game or that it was bad. I just said this is what bothered me about the game. I enjoyed my play through of TLOU. But I do think the game could have been better. Just my opinion. It was not bad at all, I had fun playing through it, which to me is the point of any game.
trouble_bubble  +   467d ago
"Why I didn't like last night's dinner." Overly long blog after the jump. Film at 11. Soundtrack already available on iTunes.
Inception  +   467d ago
Lol that made me chuckle. Bubs+ mate :)
bjshepp  +   467d ago
So the author complains about Joel mowing down "hundreds" of bandits in a post apocalyptic setting and how it ruins "immersion", but precedes to praise Bioshock Infinite, a game where you literally go on a Call of Duty style shooting spree after participating in a carnival with dozens of citizens walking around, as perfectly integrating gameplay and narrative.

There is clearly a bias with this guy.
#20 (Edited 467d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   466d ago
lol. I caught that too. BI game play wasn't that tightly wound into the narrative, except for some very specific parts. The narrative was sometimes worked around the game play however. Anytime a player has to go somewhere because of some contrived reason, it's to push game play. The whole flying ship at the end of BI was completely unnecessary to the narrative, but was a cool set piece to place game play in.

I also don't feel the game play of BioShock Infinite fit the setting as well as it did in the original Bioshock. However, I do feel that BS2 had the best setting for the principals of the game play.
#20.1 (Edited 466d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BattleTorn  +   466d ago
Many of his arguments were 'the game was too difficult' it ruined the narrative, presentation, and atmosphere.

He phrases it as if the game simply would gave been far better masterpiece if it was only easier.

I disagree that making a game easier makes it better. But I will say TLOU on Easy can be challenging for many.
trouble_bubble  +   465d ago
Good call. Talking about immersion breaking, 3/4 of the trophies/cheevos in Bioshock infinite were just "kill kill kill".

Kill x amount with x weapon/vigor in x graphic way. TLOU you barely get anything your first playthrough and while you have to upgrade everything eventually for the plat, you don't have to use them. Don't have to play a certain way. Bioshock, you have to play how the developer tells you to. Rambo out those death from aboves!
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   467d ago
Sure people respect his opinion and not get defensives about how great TLOU is.
#21 (Edited 467d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Revengeance  +   467d ago
Sigh another one of these guys.
jc12  +   467d ago
Id have to respectfully disagree with this writer. I thought the game created an excellent level of immersion what with its clear attention to detail, story-telling, and in particular - character development. I found myself really sympathizing with Joel and Ellie as they bonded and fought for one another's survival; it is certainly a rare occurrence when a game is capable of making me emotionally invest in its main characters. In fact, I cant remember the last game to do that. Tomb Raider came close. Now that I think about it, the Gears of War trilogy had a solid story with some pretty fleshed out characters - particularly GOW3. But even that game failed to conjure up such a vast array of emotions.

When Joel and Ellie explore the massive yet desolate university, I could really feel their isolation. In a way, I felt like I was the one exploring the campus for the basic - yet essential - supplies needed to survive. Indeed, I always felt like that last bullet or med pack could be the difference between life and death while playing TLoU. And in all honesty, how many games are capable of producing such tension and desperation? Not many in my estimation.
Yetter  +   467d ago
Personally, I sort of agree with this author. Incredible writing, voice acting, motion cap and story telling but the gameplay was really lacking for me. In fact I felt like I was trying to rush through the gameplay just to get to the next cut scene.
assdan  +   467d ago
I don't get some people's opinion on gun play in this game. I've heard people say this online before where guns felt "heavy." I really liked that feeling. It's certainly not the feeling you want for every game, but it works for this one. Every bullet you fire carries tons of weight. You don't want to miss. If possible, melee enemies, and almost never spend more than one bullet on an enemy. And with enemy health. I usually used 2-3 bullets at most on one person.
As for clickers. If he has to use a shiv to kill them, he just isn't being creative enough.
I'm also confused what he's talking about with the number of bandits you run into in this game. Maybe he hasn't played it in a while or something. In the entire game, you encounter 1 quarantine zone that's still operating, one small friendly survivor group, and two large enemy ones (we could probably guess they're a couple hundred strong). That's not really that much. Given that about 80-90% of the world's population is dead or infected, I don't see that as an unrealistic number.
And I really don't know what he's talking about with the cutsecenes not flowing with the combat. It does perfectly. I feel as I'm in the same brutal world in both. While in Bioshock infinte (love that game btw), it does the exact thing that he insulted that last of us for. Mindless combat between cutscenes? You have to kill a F***ing ghost in that game, and that comes out of nowhere. Bioshock infinite had a rich story, dialogue and setting in cutscenes, and then I just got this KILL EVERYTHING vibe when actually playing the game. I really enjoyed the game, but that's the reason it's a 9 and not a 10 for me. I find it find it funny that he insults the disconnect in The Last of Us, and then tries to prove it by saying how much better bioshock infinite was.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   467d ago
I just finished it on survivor on PS4. Loved the story and the characters, however the gameplay wasn't special. It was solid though and I enjoyed trying to stealth through it but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece in that respect.

The only thing that bugged me though was the companion AI, I found it irritating how Ellie can just wander around a room full of enemies seemingly invisible. Now don't get me wrong, Id rather that her random wandering didn't get me killed - but it would be even better of she hung back or something.

Saying that, it didn't happen all the time, but when it did it kinda interrupted my immersion, didn't ruin it - just interrupted.
Orionsangel  +   467d ago
The game isn't bad, the writer just sucked at the game and is projecting his lack of skills on the game.
Xi_Unborn_iX  +   467d ago
mrpsychoticstalker  +   466d ago
I didn't like it either. We are the minority. Plus the multi-player is annoying
ziggurcat  +   466d ago
how can you not like a game you've never played?

stop lying.
Twiggy  +   467d ago
I wonder if this guy played the Winter section, the part of the game grasped my attention like no other.. but hey, whatever floats his boat.
Sly-Lupin  +   466d ago
Must be in the latter half of the game? I don't remember any winter section and I gave up on TLOU about halfway through.

Which I guess indicates my opinion on the game: I didn't like it. Which is a pretty heretical opinion here, as it seems that the higher production values a game has, the more diehard fanboys it's likely to generate regardless of it's actual quality (just look at FF13).

Problem is, most kids here don't seem to understand that not liking something is actually different from disliking something.
Twiggy  +   466d ago
You silly man, you missed out on the main course of the game!

March back onto your Playstation and sort that the hell out!
Sly-Lupin  +   466d ago
Yeah, I've still got my copy of the game. It was good enough not to get rid of, but I've got a huge pile of games to "get back to someday."

But I kind of feel like if a game doesn't impress me until I'm more than halfway through, it's the game's fault, not mine. Especially for really long games like FFXIII.

That said, TLOU combat in a winter environment with snow and crap does sound like fun.
MegaSackman  +   466d ago
I don't mind when someone criticize the combat in TLOU, but when they praise Bioshock Infinite for it... man, that game is the most mindless shooter i have ever play, i can't believe a game with so much art in it can be more knuckle head than Call of Duty, is incredible.
Grilla  +   466d ago
I had very high expectations before I played both bioshock infinite and tlou. After completing both, bioshock was a huge disappointment. Tlou on the other hand exceeded expectations. Tlou a masterpiece, one of the best games I ever played.
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