6 inventive uses of microphone peripherals in videogames

Continue Play's Jamie Goodin looks over the often quirky use of microphones in gaming. Odama? Check. Pikachu? Check. Takeshi's Challenge? Check.

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JoeIsMad1314d ago

"Hey you, Pikachu!" was more a part of my life than "Xbox, play Netflix."

ContinuePlay1314d ago

Hey You, Pikachu was something I never got around to playing. I do, however, have a still-shrinkwrapped copy of Odama lying around. Might have to dust off the Gamecube :)

MRMagoo1231313d ago

I can think of some "inventive" ways to use the mics in gaming but I dont think they are appropriate for this thread lol.

JoshEngen1314d ago

Why isn't there a Guitar Hero-style game that lets me hone my beatboxing skills?

ContinuePlay1313d ago

Does anyone remember a Psygnosis game on PS1 called Sentinel? It was really ambitious for its time, allowing you to construct entire sentences from various verbs and adjectives and communicate with a huge amount of characters in order to obtain information.

Something like that, updated to take advantage of voice control and perhaps using LA Noire-style facial animation technology could be really interesting.