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6 inventive uses of microphone peripherals in videogames

Continue Play's Jamie Goodin looks over the often quirky use of microphones in gaming. Odama? Check. Pikachu? Check. Takeshi's Challenge? Check. (Culture, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Retro)

JoeIsMad  +   229d ago
"Hey you, Pikachu!" was more a part of my life than "Xbox, play Netflix."
ContinuePlay  +   229d ago
Hey You, Pikachu was something I never got around to playing. I do, however, have a still-shrinkwrapped copy of Odama lying around. Might have to dust off the Gamecube :)
MRMagoo123  +   229d ago
I can think of some "inventive" ways to use the mics in gaming but I dont think they are appropriate for this thread lol.
JoshEngen  +   229d ago
Why isn't there a Guitar Hero-style game that lets me hone my beatboxing skills?
ContinuePlay  +   229d ago
Does anyone remember a Psygnosis game on PS1 called Sentinel? It was really ambitious for its time, allowing you to construct entire sentences from various verbs and adjectives and communicate with a huge amount of characters in order to obtain information.

Something like that, updated to take advantage of voice control and perhaps using LA Noire-style facial animation technology could be really interesting.

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