Best App Devices To Watch Gamescom 2014 Live

Gamescom is one of the the biggest gaming event of the year. With so many great titles being revealed it's not always easy catching up with everything. Take a look at the best app devices to catch this years Gamescom 2014 and never miss another vital piece of news again.

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danniellelewis1102d ago

Looking forward to PlayStation's GC updates tomorrow. Already got the app to watch it.

lisamorgan41102d ago

COD multiplayer reveal today looks great. Like the Exosuits

henrythomas2841102d ago

I thought this was happening Tuesday :(

patelsanjeed1102d ago

I am so hyped to discover what Sony's new IP unveiling is going to be tomorrow.
I streamed COD AW today via IGN's app while at work.

amyortega1311102d ago

This Call Of Duty is looking a lot more like Titanfall. Not jumping on the hype train yet guys.

Dudebro901102d ago

Titanfall didn't invent the double jump.

I dont understand why people are saying it looks like titanfall.

Frankskint1102d ago

Far Cry 4 looks to be the show winner. Thats what I am interested in seeing from Ubisoft. Not really interested in AC Unity, it just looks like every other Creed game since number 1, which to me is still the best version of the franchise they released.

LAWSON721102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

You must have missed the crazy new video for it. The game looks incredible. Any fan of the series that really wishes it would advance forward may finally get that with Unity

alvinmiller921102d ago

It was amazing! Best Far Cry ever Pagin Min is a very bad bad man.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1102d ago

Please show Guerrilla Games new IP.

charliewong9801102d ago

I heard they were talking off revealing something completely different to the Killzone series.

ArronNelson1102d ago

Really, any idea what it is? Not a big Killzone fan, think other shooters out there seem to do much better, I am intrigued.

EdnaJones971102d ago

Just downloaded the PlayStation App to watch this tomorrow on my iPad.

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