No Man's Sky Shocker at Gamescom - No Xbox Release?

Eskimo Press: "Xbox One owners are still left in the dark with any news on a No Man's Sky release. All evidence suggests that Gamescom will finally give gamers the answer they deserve, but might not necessarily want."

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MultiConsoleGamer1140d ago

No one can really judge the weight of such an announcement without knowing more about the game itself.

NatureOfLogic_1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

What are you talking about? There's plenty of info and videos about this game. It's also one of the most anticipated games.

XBLSkull1140d ago

All we know is that you can fly in and out of space, and space combat looks super boring.

I agree we need to know more about the game because the video footage of this game makes it look terrible.

Chaoticmoon1140d ago

@XBLSKULL you do know Gamespot recently did a bunch of videos with the creators of No Man's Sky detailing alot of what the game is about?!?

sAVAge_bEaST1140d ago

It was my favorite reveal at E3, something just "clicked" while watching the footage.

TomShoe1140d ago

As a PS owner, that would suck if true.

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Sharky2311140d ago

I was super excited about this game as soon as they revealed it on the VGA's! This would be a big blow in my opinion. This game could be great or terrible. We'll have to wait to find out. If people are excited for this game then if they announce no xbox version, then people could buy ps4's in anticipation of the game.

BX811140d ago

Or maybe xbl just thinks the game looks like crap. I personally can't wait to play it, but I can see how it would turn some off.

ThinkThink1140d ago

Is it like Minecraft only pretty? Do you build things? I've seen all of the video's but we still don't know anything about this game. What is it about? What do you do? It definitely looks intriguing, I just want to know what it is. I'm hoping we get those answers at gamescom. By the way, what does the COM in gamescom stand for? If it was CON It would stand for convention obviously but COM? Always wondered that.

Sevir1140d ago

Currently, The game's console Debut is exclusively on PS4. There is a closed door media briefing for the Press at Gamescon which will detail the game in playable form on PlayStation 4 for the first time. what was shown off at E3 was the game running on PC... and we know that much that it's coming to PC next year.

The game will eventually find its way to XBO but likely long after the PS4 and PC versions have been on the market.

I'm sure Sony wanted to acquire the studio but are just happy they were the ones who courted Hello Games first to get the game on their platform...

Most thought MS would have secured rights to this given how helpful they were with the studio when they were flooded and lost hardware and devkits. MS sent them free XBO devkits

nosferatuzodd1140d ago

Sweet I love it
Blim zod teleport back into the shadows

Quicktim31140d ago

@Chaoticmoon i watched all those gamespot videos and i still no hardly anything about the game.

the guy was very vauge. when ask "will this include multiplayer" he beat around the bush. it was pretty much like that with all the questions.

4Sh0w1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I usually treat most indie games like 'meh cause there's just tons of them that don't interest me in the slightest, most are sort like cell phone quality games, which for some reason annoy me instead of being entertaining. Then there's always a couple indie games a year that really grab my attention, No Man's Sky looks very good, something I'd like to play and watch my daughter play, it has that laid back exploration feel, its truly one of those games I'm dissapointed the dev hasn't announced for X1.

UltraNova1140d ago


Simple mate, buy a ps4! (if you don't have one yet that is)

Azzanation1140d ago

Wasn't Titanfall and Watchdogs? Need to see more.

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Cueil1140d ago

Microsoft had it listed on their [email protected] titles I thought

amiga-man1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

WOW, This is a game that really caught my eye and was one of the highlights of E3, to be exclusive to the PS4 console is quite a coup.

Just one more reason (of many) to buy a PS4

For those that have been living under a rock

Mithan1140d ago

So what? It doesn't mean it will be any good.

Are you crying because Titanfall didn't make it to the PS4 after it turned out to be less than "game of the year" material? I doubt it.

Right now we have a bunch of videos out there. Great. How many awesome looking turds have been released over the years?

Lets wait and see.

PS: I don't own an Xbox One.

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FanboyKilla1140d ago

lol click bait. alright ill bite. how about reporting info about the game. all we really know is you can fly from planet to planet, and shoot in space.

what is the point of it? is it a shooter? is it an rpg. wtf is it?
we were excited because, you can fly from planet to planet. thats cool and new. but what happens in between? dont care if its on xone. i got a ps4. ill play it there no prob bob. i just wish you could tell me more about the game instead of irrelevant info.

beerzombie1140d ago

your right and all the interview do add up to anything.
The developers seem full of themselves and never say what the game is. other than you may never see any one else that's playing.

vallencer1140d ago

Honestly what I find most frustrating about this whole article is that the rumor meter is going more towards the hopeful side that it ISN'T coming out for the xbox. That, as a gamer, deeply saddens me that that many people are hoping it doesn't come out on the xbox.

torchic1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

that's N4G's fault for adding "hopeful" there people are just clicking on the options for "for sure" or "hard to tell"

user3672721140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Wow...didn't realize there is a vote meter in some of these arrticles. it is sad indeed that people hope it is not available on another platform that they hate. I only have a xb1 and hope it is coming to the platform also so me and many other gamers of that console can enjoy a potentially go
od third party game.

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y7jzdgy1140d ago

Yeah pretty silly considering it will also be available on the PC so it's hardly an exclusive. Sony fanboys are so messed up nowadays.

SilentNegotiator1140d ago

"Well said" for torchic and "trolling" for the fanboys purposefully ignoring him.

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otherZinc1140d ago

So damn what. I didn't jump to next gen to get excited for Indie Games!

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gangsta_red1140d ago

It would suck if this game didn't come to Xbox. I'm sure Xbox is talking with these guys just as much as Sony is to try and get this game on the Xbox.

Everyone everywhere knows that this was the most exciting trailer shown at E3.

Godmars2901140d ago

Yes. And since it was talked about coming to the PS4 first, the team is likely concentrating on it first. It'll be on XB1 soon enough, just not the same time as a PS4 release.

snarls2001140d ago

did ms finally change their indie policy

chikane1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

(It would suck if this game didn't come to Xbox)

pleases stop your making me cry.. really hope it stays pc and ps4 only

gangsta_red1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Why? Why would you want this game to stay on PC and PS4?

I hope you don't give me the oh so obvious Sony fanboy response.


The Green Ranger can go bite the big one!! Gangsta Red fo life!!

XiMasterChief1140d ago

I hope they end their terror with Sony and join the Ouya muster race.

Bathyj1140d ago

Well in all honesty Gangster Sony deserves this more. They support indies cos they bring creativity but alot of the games arent really much but then 1 in 50 might be a diamond in the rough. So Sony support a lot of games they know arent going to be big.

Sure the hype is skyhigh now (no pun) but anyone can jump on the bandwagon, but throwing support in before knowing if its going to payoff is a bit of a Sony trademark. I mean, I think I remember reading MS didnt even want to work with Media Molecule. That blows the mind.

turdburgler10801140d ago

Didnt realize it was coming to pc as well as ps4. Should've known. Anything indie that's good on ps4 can be had on pc.

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NukaCola1140d ago

MS has pretty selfish rules about third party games. I doubt it will come to Xbone.

IHassounah1140d ago

actually just like Outlast , if No Man's Sky turns out successful , Microsoft would care less about the rules and bring the game on X1 , money talks after all xD

gangsta_red1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

What rules does MS have that make them selfish? Especially when in the article it states that Sony was trying to buy this IP for themselves.

And don't say the parity clause which would not apply to this game at all.

Exactly, MS has allowed plenty of games to come on their console that appeared somewhere else first. It is pretty apparent that this game would no doubt be welcomed as Phil already expressed interest in the game

Bathyj1140d ago

The parity clause only exists now if MS choose to enforce it. Theyve already shown many times if the game is small, they likely wont bother, but if the game is popular they will let it slide in order to get the game.

Pogmathoin1140d ago

Regardless where it ends, always a good reason to own as many different consoles as you can afford..... Each have there own gems. To restrict yourself because of brand loyalty is simply the most stupid thing possible, and proves marketing works, and that you are fodder for them......

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HaveAsandwich1140d ago

ill bet money sony already locked this up. it'll come to xb1, but it'll be a long time. a year from ps4 release, minimum.

mkis0071140d ago

funny because joe danger took over a year as well.

True_Samurai1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Eh wouldn't really bother me now that they said that in no man's sky there are no missions or objectives just exploring

@mega24 Abe's odyssey is also coming to x1

Mega241140d ago

Dude, NukaCola is referring to the fact that [email protected] won't allow a game to release first on another platform, before or at the same time as Xbox One. If a dev comes with a game, and its releasing first on another platform, Microsoft wants devs to hold the release and launch that game at the same time as the other platform.

Also, this game is probably coming to Xbox one, so I wouldn't stress about it, there are exceptions to that policies. Outlast is an example.

sinspirit1140d ago

Uh, no. Last we heard of XBox and No Man's Sky was when XBox's indie division head commented about No Man's Sky in order to try and drive attention to getting the game on their console but they said they haven't even gotten in contact with them but they would love to have the game on their console. Also, if you look at the recent Hello Games office pictures that show basically the entire office they have every modern console except for a XBox One.

The game is a "console exclusive debut", meaning first on PS4, then on the other confirmed platform, PC. No plans yet for any other versions and if it were simply first on PlayStation they would normally just say "First on PlayStation" like they have on past games.

Rocky51140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I think there is a clause like watch dogs had, where they weren't allowed to talk about the Xbox One version. As I don't see this not coming to Xbox One since it would be easily ported from PC or PS4 & an extra 5/8 mill people is a lot if dosh.

It also maybe due to MS save size limit (16MB) does the PS4 have a save size limit?

The latter is because all your saves are synced to the cloud.

BG115791139d ago

Does anyone know they are an indie team? Why is it coming to the xbone? Well it's an indie game, figure it out.

Tip : Sony didn't pay them a dime.

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TheFallenAngel1140d ago

Buy them sony! More studios for you.

TheFallenAngel1140d ago

Appearantly they can if they in the talks of doing it. I'm pretty sure sony corp is giving the playstation division a lot more money.

RadioActiveTwinky1140d ago

Considering the playstation branch of the Sony corp is profitable and making good revenue. I don't see why they couldn't afford a small indie studio of only 7 people.

BiggerBoss1140d ago

What a pathetic attempt at trolling. If Sony can afford to buy sucker punch studios, gaikai, etc, then I'm sure they are more than capable of buying a small indie studio. Whether or not they do it though is another matter

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Can't afford to buy the studio but yet they own way more Studios then MS has ever owned.

OT-It will probably come to the Bone in a bout a year or so, I'm pretty sure they have a real with Sony similar to MS having a deal with Ryse and DR3 to be exclusive for a year or so

PS- I thought Xbox fans didn't like indies and indies aren't "real games" according to them ? Ahh man how ironic. Imma need yall to Kill the hypocrisy Xbox fanboys not fans.

sinspirit1140d ago

Some studios can't be bought, but Sony has funded Hello Games first hit, Joe Danger, and Hello Games is very respectful and they love Sony for it. Even though Sony funded Joe Danger they gave Hello Games permission to release it on XBox, which gave them more respect.

HugoDrax1140d ago

"I thought Xbox fans didn't like indies and indies aren't "real games" according to them ? Ahh man how ironic. Imma need yall to Kill the hypocrisy Xbox fanboys not fans."

Why do people keep saying that? The X360 Marketplace is flooded with indies. I remember seeing a game called Baby Maker on their lol. Geesh you guys act like you're being paid to promote Sony or Microsoft.

MasterCornholio1140d ago

I remember when people said that Sony couldn't afford to build the most powerful console and Microsoft could. Look what happened to that theory.

Anyways the reason why these types of things happen is because Sony knows how to invest their cash in gaming better than Microsoft. This is the reason why the Playstation brand is such a hit right now.

Trust me Sony can afford to buy an 8 man indie studio. The question is do they really want to buy the studio?

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RadioActiveTwinky1140d ago

lol cause a small indie studio of 7 is worth hundreds of millions.

NatureOfLogic_1140d ago

I'm sorry but, didn't Xbox fans use this same reasoning as to why Xbox One would be more powerful than PS4 before they released. Now Xbox One turned out weaker and can't do 1080p with next gen games.

aliengmr1140d ago


You forgot the rights to the game, which, considering the hype, could be quite a lot of money.

RadioActiveTwinky1140d ago


Yea because the rights to an unproven game from an Indie studio with "hype" will shoot up to hundreds of millions of dollars. At most your looking at a 60 to 80 mil. tops.

Also only game this developer has under their belt has been the Joe Danger games. From my understanding they were exclusive to Sony for a while. So this studio already has close ties with Sony for now.

Magnes1140d ago

@hugodrax what money you ask the money to be made on the console with double the install base, that money.

aliengmr1140d ago


You just proved the point. Why would Sony waste a large sum of money on an unproven product?

The hype generated by this game puts Hello Games in a position to ask for more than the IP 'might' be worth.

So again, what's the point of risking even tens of millions on this game?

DigitalRaptor1140d ago

Are you serious asking that, troll?

In a couple of years, Sony may well end up buying an even larger studio like Ready At Dawn or Quantic Dream and they could easily do it. You think that with the money they spend on AAA exclusive games, they couldn't afford to buy a small independent team from Guilford?

@ ArgumentumAdPopulum

"I'm sorry but, didn't Xbox fans use this same reasoning as to why Xbox One would be more powerful than PS4 before they released. Now Xbox One turned out weaker and can't do 1080p with next gen games."

YES. Absolutely yes. If Sony was so poor, they wouldn't have the most powerful next gen gaming system. That crow's been doing the rounds for a while and will continue for the rest of this gen.

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RadioActiveTwinky1140d ago

lol Its funny seeing some people that straight up downplay indie games get all salty over this. Very Ironic.