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Playstation 4 exclusives at Gamescom: What to (and not to) expect

Game Idealist's expectations on rumored Playstation 4 exclusives and studios that may or may not appear at Gamescom. (Beyond: Two Souls, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, gamescom, Gamescom 2014, God of War: Ascension, Gran Turismo 7, PS4, Shadow of the Beast, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   228d ago
Sony is going to come out swinging at Gamescom.
0P-Tigrex  +   228d ago
Wasn't that the case for E3?? umm...wait.... to the disagrees. I'm not trolling. Just speaking the truth. Sony didn't knock it out of the park. I'm hoping Gamescom has a better turnout.
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guitarded77  +   228d ago
I'm excited once again. GamesCom has really become something over the pas couple of years.

LBP 3 has to have a huge presence since it's coming out this year, and we've only seen a bit of it. One of my most anticipated games of the year... and I'm a 37 year old man. I can spend days in the level creator.
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Rimeskeem  +   228d ago
They did come out swinging. But let's be honest that their presentation was now the best executed.
abzdiine  +   228d ago
Sony had a very good show at e3. only lbp3, GTA5, uncharted4, the order are enough to steal the show so keep your trolling for yourself.

whatever they show at gamescom i hope 1 or 2 vita big titles to be shown cause i see no reason of turning it on in 2015.
MightyNoX  +   228d ago
@0p: Nope, it wasn't

Sony likes to divide their reveals year around (as opposed to a certain other console), we know via Famitsu that they have a new AAA game to reveal at TGS.

If Sony revealed at E3 what they're gonna reveal today, everyone wouldn't have been so sore about the Powers segment.

Bloodborne gameplay
Until Dawn reveal
Housemarque reveal

What we can expect

Sony bend
Guriella games new IP
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asmith2306  +   228d ago
I think it's just that Sony has enough to spread over two different conferences. They had a solid E3 but obviously not as strong as the previous one were they tore MS apart. They will have a solid Gamescom as well. I'd prefer if both conferences had good showings rather than cram everything into one.
MrSwankSinatra  +   228d ago
They better come better than they did at E3 because honestly I wasn't impressed. Bloodborne was the only highlight from Sony in my opinion....
showtimefolks  +   228d ago
GG will show their new IP, that's pretty much given. Its been in development for over 3 years now. Not ready at E3 because sony held it back, there are games sony rather show at gamescom, than there are games sony rather show at TGS

gamescom will be mostly about European studios under sony or as 2nd party partners

Media Molecule most likely show their new game sometimes in 2015

I don't expect GT7 but i do expect a GT6 for ps4 with all the dlc/updates/patches

Bend studio will most likely show its game trailer at VGX awards on spike IMO(sony is known to reveal a game or 2 at that event, so it makes sense)

don't expect anything from ND till E3 2015, that's when we will see a on stage demo. 2ND team won't talk about their next game till late 2015 at the earliest. TLOU was revealed at VGX on spike so maybe in 2015 again ND will show a tease(VGX is in december so by than Uc4 will be out a couple of months)

I expect atleast 2 big surprises at gamescom, at E3 it was okay but i think we will see a bigger bang at gamescom
colonel179  +   228d ago
It's unlikely that Uncharted will be shown at Gamescom, but there is a chance that it will be shown at the VGAs this year (if there is one). Naughty Dog has revealed a lot of their games there, so it could happen.

I don't think anything Gran Truismo will be there. Why would Sony "canibalize" Drive Club? They are different games, but I think they will want to focus on Drive Club 100%.

You are right about Sony holding back announcements to show a Gamescom and TGS. I think that they actually held back the more important announcements for Gamescom this time, instead of revealing them at E3.
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showtimefolks  +   228d ago
i agree, i still think we won't see anything UC4 related till next year's e3. I feel like sony held a lot of stuff back at this years e3, if MS had brought their actual A+ game than it would have been so much fun

BTW not hating on ms, imo no one really brought a lot of stuff at E#. It was pretty boring for me personally. But i am expecsting some fireworks at gamescom
Yahdaree  +   228d ago
This article has some pretty well rounded guesses. I disagree about GG though. Didn't they already have something ready to show for E3 but Sony didn't need it?
-Foxtrot  +   228d ago
Jeez...it seems like you think it's unlikely for them to show anything

I mean Guerrilla Games and Media Molecule are the two highest canadates to make a reveal tomorrow. They are both European devs, they are first party studios and they both (GG second team) haven't shown anything for a long time
iamnsuperman  +   228d ago
I still think it is too early to see what GG are working on. I see it being revealed next year with a 2016 release.

Media Molecule has to show up
isarai  +   228d ago
How is it too early? They've been working on a new IP for years now, and they have more than one team
mkis007  +   228d ago
Media molecule was supposedly confirmed to announce I thought?
Patrick_pk44  +   228d ago
They released that messed up rendered video which was then known as a teaser to their new IP. It is obvious they'll show something since they are working on another trailer, and it wouldn't make sense for another one for LBP at this time.
Lucreto  +   228d ago
I am expecting The Last Guardian. The responce from the fans when it was rumoured it was cancelled might force their hand to show they are indeed still working on it. It might have even gotten a name change.

Also some Uncharted gameplay but leave a set piece for E3.

Uncharted Collection with a beta code for the multiplayer of Uncharted 4.

They have 90 minutes to fill up so I expect a good showing.
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mkis007  +   228d ago
People gotta stop with this, The series is Japanese and will be announced at a TGS.
Lucreto  +   228d ago
If it is a Japanese series why was it originally announced at E3?

Then why was there a leak of a Japanese game being revealed at Gamescom if it is something they could show at TGS.
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BitbyDeath  +   228d ago
TGS is next month, it would make a lot more sense for a Japanese dev to wait for that instead of jet-setting all the way over to Europe.
Twiggy  +   228d ago
Uncharted 4 gameplay? I doubt very much they'd show us that, but man.. if they did, that would be amazing.
thorstein  +   228d ago
It will be on Tuesday (release day in the US), what would be truly amazing (but won't happen) would be them announcing it and saying, "It's in stores now."
Twiggy  +   228d ago
I know right? I always play around with my highest expectations before conferences actually start, but some Uncharted gameplay would be absolutley wonderful.

We simply just do not know, it very well can happen!
stefan771  +   228d ago
You can pretty much guarantee a Beyond Two Souls remaster
gamertk421  +   228d ago
I really hope they don't do Beyond or GOW: Ascension. What a step down from TLOU and Tomb Raider.

I would like to play Journey, tho, since I skipped it on PS3.
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KillaManiac  +   228d ago
Beyond is fine for a PS4 since I think it didn't sell as good as it should, but I would rather not want a GoW Ascension remaster.
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MoB21  +   228d ago
For a Gaming Idealist this list doesn't seem too ideal

(Just noticed the play on the word Idealist lol)
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Kingdomcome247  +   228d ago
I'd like to see what Sony Santa Monica has been up to, with their recent hiring spree.
brew  +   228d ago
This would be good enough for me.

- the return of Rime - (gameplay)
- the return of Until Dawn - (gameplay)
- new Housemarque game
- new Media Molecule game
- Kill Strain
- Plethora of new DL games

#DRIVECLUB , LBP3 , The Order 1886 , Bloodborne , inFAMOUS First Light , Helldivers , etc

Journey , The Unfinished Swan , Beyond Two Souls
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VforVideogames  +   228d ago
From all those games that you mention the only one that interest me is Sunset Overdrive. So heres hope for the ps4 version.
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Spotie  +   228d ago
That's... Not even on his list...
dodgemoose  +   228d ago
*wakes up in the morning* -> "time to troll ps4 articles!"
DarkOcelet  +   228d ago
Hahahaha that made me laugh .
maniacmayhem  +   228d ago
I really want to see what that Until Dawn game is about. I'm hoping they show that game and I really hope it's everything that I heard about and more.

I think my interest in The Last Guardian is all but gone.

I am definitely interested in Guerrilla Games new game. And to see what they can do on a brand new IP.
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PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   228d ago
Guerrilla Games new IP and I'll be set, but I'm going into this thing with low low expectations. Disappointment Awaits.
Skankinruby  +   228d ago
If the last guardian and agent got resurrected and they showed what Santa Monica and quantic dream are doing people would go nuts. Then top it off with an uncharted trilogy remaster announcement and UC 4 gameplay that would be perfect
trenso1  +   228d ago
I hope what ever GG shows can erase that abomination of a game they made KZ3.
colonel179  +   228d ago
The Order 1886
Drive Club
Infamous: First Light
Until Dawn
PS Now (EU)
PS4 Success (sales in Europe)
Project Morpheus
Third Party games

So at least we know that they will show half of the conference (or 2/3). What's going to be on the rest of it?
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bloodybutcher  +   228d ago
I would love to see fallout 4...
BABY-JEDI  +   228d ago
I would like to see Drive Clubs various weather/lighting effects. Maybe also some more track types. Also I think GG will do a teaser for their new IP.
H1Z1 anyone?
festunga  +   228d ago
I would say it is likely to see something from bend if it is a horror game after the sony gamescom teaser trailer saying horror reinvented.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   228d ago
I think Sony E3 was meh and I am a huge PS fan. I hope to see new great exclusive games soon :D. Not just indies and the usual games (The Order, DriveClub,...)
feraldrgn  +   228d ago
The secret is, when NOBODY mentions TLG before a show, then they will decide to show it.
Artemidorus  +   227d ago
Makes me laugh, you got an article about Playstation 4 exclusives and all I see is the word 'Unlikely' from top to bottom.

Indie games/overpriced rentals await.

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