E3 2008 Expectations

This year E3 Media & Business Summit is coming back to Los Angeles, and its only a month away. E3 2008 will take place on July 15-17 and as you can see with the above picture, the heavy hitters will all be there and ready to blow your mind with the latest news, trailers, announcements, etc. But what exactly can we expect at E3 2008, well lets take a look at the possibilities from each of the companies, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

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Bazookajoe_833840d ago

Sony really pawned last year, i think MS will take some ground back..

trancefreak3840d ago

i really dont think u have it all straight. Ms had a strong lineup last year and this year sony is really getting the ball movin

SmokingMonkey3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

M$ and NIN are going to go up against some serious competition, expect that

ash_divine3840d ago

he's talking about the press conferences, not the game line-ups

trancefreak3840d ago

and how did u derive that from 2 small sentences lol

Bazookajoe_833840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Yes i meant E3, i thought people would get that. Thanks =)

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trancefreak3840d ago

u see the way this author worded each consoles lineup. what a tool. some people have no clue.

jkhan3840d ago

Sony has some strong titles this year. Plus they will definitely be showing F-XIII & F-versus XIII plus White Knight Chronicles. We can expect something from Shadow of Colossus developers, Sony London's Studio, Sony Japan Studio, Infamous, Agency plus a couple of unannounced titles. Oh yeah and a little game called God Of War 3.

On Microsoft end we will see Gears 2, Fable 2, Halo War, Bungie Next project, Halo 3 on PC, Forza 3, SplinterCell Conviction, Too Human and a bunch of RPGs.

Superfragilistic3840d ago

I think Sony has a strong lineup, and much stronger than recent years, but other than the "secret game" they're a pretty well known quantity. Home, XMB, Square Enix, Resistance 2, God of War 3 and LittleBigPlanet are likely to dominate proceedings.

On Microsoft's side we know many titles for this year, but they've been uncommonly quiet on a number of fronts. I expect to see Halo Wars, Halo Chronicles, and Alan Wake all make surprise appearances. And Banjo and Too Human to get much better write ups than people expect. But the big unknown factor is the "Newton" and it's packaged games, along with XNA, Molyneux's "Dmitri", Rare's Mii program and those firm rumours about Netflix.

As for Nintendo, I don't forsee anything major although there is space for them to announce new Wii peripherals, a hard drive and better online features. Nintendo's third parties will make a much stronger showing than previous years with a number of potentially AAA titles to broaden its offerings.

I really think this E3 is less about the games than previous years and more about the technology and features of the competing consoles. On that note MS's uncharacteristic quietness towards rumours makes me suspect they are intent on stealing the show this year. I think most of that will hedge on whether the "Newton" controls are well received or not. It could be a spectacular success or an embarrassing failure. Not long now...

Clinton5143840d ago

There are some really weird comments in here.

ash_divine3840d ago

if you're referring to the first comment, he talking about the press conference. not the games lineup. and i agree, considering all the pressure and crap people gave them last year.

Killzownz843840d ago

And I own both the PS3 and 360 but I have to say that I have a feeling it will be microsoft's this year at E3.. Grant it Sony will have a great showing and as a PS3 fan first I hope im wrong.. Now unless sony can show off God of war 3, announce a new Twisted Metal show some great multiplayer for Killzone 2 and give an exact Home release date along with when to expect ingame XMB then that would rock!

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