Advanced Warfare Fundamentally Changes Call of Duty Multiplayer

Built for next generation gaming systems, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare fundamentally changes Call of Duty multiplayer, delivering new player movements and capabilities, along with the deepest customization and player engagement features in franchise history.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1222d ago

"Advanced Warfare Fundamentally Changes Call of Duty Multiplayer"

And everyone still complains.

plut0nash1222d ago

The more things change, the more they stay the same eh?

HanCilliers1222d ago

Did you watch the trailer and read about the actual changes? There are enough features that really indicates a change

plut0nash1222d ago

@HanCilliers, this was referenced at the fans who want the status quo, and nothing more. Nothing related to the game, which actually looks pretty interesting.

dadz1222d ago

Don't fix what isn't broken :P

-Foxtrot1222d ago

Looks the same except with a new lick of new paint and a Exoskeleton as the games new showcase feature. Seems like it's just copying other recent well recieved online games to try and keep it's self more relevant instead of coming up with something original or at least try to.

The editing technique in the trailers as well are giving people the illusion of how different it looks but most of it looked pretty staged to me.

Seems like the new cycle has begun, can't wait until the aftermath and countless "It wasn't as good as I thought" comments.

The Cycle

HeavenlySnipes1222d ago

Its hilarious that people actually believe they could copy a game that released a few months ago

Both developers had the same ideas but Titanfall came out first

If Advanced Warfare came out last November people would call Titanfall "COD with mechs" (people were saying that at the time of its announcement ironically lmao)

-Foxtrot1222d ago

"Its hilarious that people actually believe they could copy a game that released a few months ago"

It's hilarious people like you think they can't take inspiration from the FIRST EVER reveal of Titanfall which was over two years ago.

Do you honestly think they have to wait untill a game fully releases at retail before they go

"Oh that looks good....lets do that"

If you honestly believe they COULDN'T look at it's first reveal videos from years ago and add them to their own game then I'm sorry but your blindly defending it.

HeavenlySnipes1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Its not blindly defending

Its common sense. Game development takes years.

You can't copy game mechanics from a game teaser. We didn't get to fully see Titanfall until last year at E3. You're saying its rational to think that Sledgehammer created an entire game around Titanfall's ideas within a year?

If so, you're giving Sledgehammer much more credit than they deserve

famoussasjohn1222d ago

So instead of watching the trailers (which are staged, not entirely sure where you were going on with that), go watch other YouTuber videos of gameplay that isn't stage? Jericho said he was having fun and sucked at the game because of the learning curve which is something that the series needed.

Just an FYI, this game has been in development for over 3 years now, before Titanfall was even hinted as to what it was.

Concertoine1222d ago

Actually the Titanfall reveal was barely a year ago, not over two years ago.

OT the COD series is losing ground and Activision needs to recapture interest if they want to stay #1. But they're still basically competing with their own records every year (save gta 5) so COD's definitely not going anywhere soon.

OrangePowerz1222d ago

Titanfall was revealed around a year ago. You can't make a game within a year based around a gameplay mechanic you have seen a year ago.

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Christopher1222d ago

cgoodno, Admin of N4G, fundamentally changes N4G so that no fanboys ever get onto the site again.

Essentially, it's easy to say something. Doesn't mean it's actually true. I don't think a fundamental change is to do what other games have done already (jumping around instead of boring ole walking) or upgrading the graphics.

breakpad1222d ago Show
DragonbornZ1222d ago

"It's hilarious people like you think they can't take inspiration from the FIRST EVER reveal of Titanfall which was over two years ago."

Now inspiration is a bad thing? Smh. This genre could use a bit of that anyways.
"Hey let's do that"? What? Do you see them running on walls or dropping mechs from the skies?
Do you see Pilots in TF dodging or boosting side to side front to back?
You act like the game is blatantly copying TF when the only similarity (besides the look/feel of the game play because Respawn are ex COD devs, so it's inevitable) is that AW has jet packs. Wow Halo has jetpacks,Planetside has jetpacks, Destiny has jetpacks. Get over it.

3-4-51222d ago

I loved what I saw honestly. This is the most the series has changed in a long time and there is so much there to tinker with and mess around with it should keep us busy for a while.

* It looks really fun, & I haven't been able to say that about a COD game in a few years.

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lord zaid1222d ago

Well I for one welcome this new Call of Duty. To survive COD needed to change. Its smart of them to do willingly while still in a leadership position. Hopefully it pays off for them.

x_RadicalAura_x1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

IMO CODAW easily looks to be the most promising entry in the franchise's history since COD4. It's the tweak to the formula that the franchise has desperately needed for years.

MilkMan1222d ago

...into Titanfall. Without the Titans.

PainUzumaki1222d ago

I say COD4/MW2 Remaster.....Day Zero buy for me lol

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