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EA Access is now live for everyone on Xbox One

After a short beta test, publisher Electronic Arts is officially launching its subscription service. (EA, EA Access, Xbox One)

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Sadie2100  +   75d ago
I'm very curious how this will do.
oSHINSAo  +   75d ago
Wow... i was betting this was going to go live on tomorrow press conference, Nice MS
tuglu_pati  +   75d ago
Count me in!!!
Volkama  +   75d ago
NO. Why are they letting everyone in? Man... I felt so privileged to be included.

Now I come crashing down to earth with nothing to show for it besides a good value service from EA.
BX81  +   75d ago
Downloading madden and FIFA now!
denawayne  +   75d ago
For $30 a year? Count me in.
Crazay  +   75d ago
I'll sign up tonight when I get home
equal_youth  +   75d ago
i will stay away from this service :/
IVanSpinal  +   75d ago
Not me
lovelobster  +   75d ago
yes, because you have a PS4!!
equal_youth  +   75d ago
i also own an x1.. and bf4 and i have a live sub... and i played many games on 360.. so i have a good history with ms and more so with ea..

i rly can't stand the thought that ea is bringing just that to x1 what nearly nobody of us gamers wanted and that is always online and drm on console. and of course ms jumps on board but whatever...
MeliMel  +   75d ago
lovelobster  +   75d ago
You are on denial!!, for $30 a year is a bargain!!
equal_youth  +   75d ago
ok i give you this.. i really can't see by now anything good by this except the pricing. looks like it is pretty acceptable but i we all have to see how this pays out and maybe it chances my mind over time. maybe ea changes as a hole and in a few years we all talk about the new glory days of ea and always online and so on but today not. i see a company that wants just more money for old games or in case of bf4 broken games.
beerzombie  +   75d ago
Must be overwhelmed now because its hard to connect.
Monkeycan8  +   75d ago
Don't buy into this guys you will be dooming the video game industry.
beerzombie  +   75d ago
And Ps
now will not
Monkeycan8  +   75d ago
Why do I have disagrees??

what i'm saying has nothing to do with xbox you dolts it has to do with the service.
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SoapShoes  +   75d ago
Xbone fanboys plus your over exageration. However, I can see lots of companies doing something like this from now on. I think EA will win worst company again after this.
bjshepp  +   75d ago
Because your argument makes no sense. In what way does this service "doom the industry"?
Infamous298  +   75d ago
People think that you're attacking the service just because its only on xbox which clearly you aren't doing that.
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Dlacy13g  +   75d ago
You get disagrees because it does not doom the industry. It gives gamers another choice for buying into old games. Now I can go to Gamestop and buy used games, buy off Ebay OR if I choose I can buy into EA Access and get older games they offer from the Vault.
Multiplatguy  +   75d ago
Why do you assume it was Xbox users who disagreed with you and not people who were interested in this service?
Volkama  +   75d ago
Because you made a strong statement that a lot of people disagree with. Occasionally the disagree votes on this site are literal.
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Dudebro90  +   75d ago
Just like how Netflix killed the movie industry?

Oh wait, that didn't happen.
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Monkeycan8  +   75d ago
Look at the recent news about how you can only access the madden demo if you buy EA Access! Which they will most likely be doing more of their games.
Grown Folks Talk  +   75d ago
Because there's been tons of demos this gen otherwise, right?
Monkeycan8  +   75d ago
Yes, ive played plenty of demos this gen..
generalthadeape  +   75d ago
Good analogy Dudebro.
Grown Folks Talk  +   75d ago
Plenty of demos for indy games. There's UFC, Thief, a few Lego games, & that's about it.
Dlacy13g  +   75d ago
@Monkeycan8... EA Access isnt getting you access to a demo 5 days early...its getting you access to the game 5 days early. Any progress you make in those games carries over to your retail purchase unlike what their demos offer.
shinrock  +   75d ago
It's fine, i can live without Gamestop!
mhunterjr  +   75d ago
I know right $30 is such a rip off. Let's 'save the industry' by going to gamestop spend $100 to get these same games used... /s

Lose the tin foil. Ea access is a good deal. If it ever stops being a good deal. You can cancel your sub.
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mkis007  +   75d ago
I think EA Access will drive down the price of the used physical copies of these games.
mhunterjr  +   75d ago

It certainly will. At least for EA games. In the mean time, I've sold battlefield4 for $30, and used the money for a year of access, so I still get to play BF4, along with Madden, Fifa, and peggle2... it's a good deal.
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ThinkThink  +   75d ago
No you wont. I'm in.
BX81  +   75d ago
@ monkey
It's because some of us disagree with your opinion you dolt ;)
ColManischewitz  +   75d ago
This may get me to unbox the Xbox One I put into the box shortly after its release.
BattleTorn  +   75d ago
You don't even leave it out to watch it collect dust?

My Xbox One has the top-most-center spot in my entertainment setup. PS4 is standing on top the shelving. (my GF asked why I did this, despite not using it)

..... that's because I don't feel good about putting my PS4, that'll be running frequently, in such enclosed space.
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ghostface9  +   75d ago
Nice just downloaded it and already sign up now letting the downloading begin
Sayburr  +   75d ago
Sounds interesting... I will wait to see what others say. Don't plan on joining in on the demo that way others can work out the bugs :)
TRD4L1fe  +   75d ago
Im interested in this. gonna wait till next month to see how gamers react to this
danny818  +   75d ago
So i get the full game for $30 dollars? Sounds good to me :p cant wait till titanfall goes in the vault :p
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Dudebro90  +   75d ago
Wont happen. Ea doesn't own titanfall.
LAWSON72  +   75d ago
Yes they do.
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youndamie  +   75d ago
No they don't, Respawn owns the Ip. Microsoft just bought console exclusivity for the first game.
Daniel_Potter  +   75d ago
Titanfall is Respawn's IP
Respawn is an independent company and they made a partnership agreement with EA to release Titanfall
EA Partners program gave birth to games like Crysis, Syndicate, Kingdom of Amalur, Bulletstorm, Brutal Legends, APB
LAWSON72  +   75d ago
I checked and you are correct, however it is probably possible considering EA will be the publisher of future titles. It seems strange to imagine EA not owning the IP they publish. Is it not allowed to have the EA partner titles or something.
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Corpser   75d ago | Spam
MasterCornholio  +   75d ago
Hope this goes well for Xbox One owners.

EyeWishUHeaven  +   75d ago
Yeah me too. Enjoy XBots... Unfortunately I see nothing on PS Now that will get me to pay a dime for it at this point. They need better games (say.....Dragon's Dogma) and some type of yearly sub for me. This nickel/diming for every hr could get old real fast.
BattleTorn  +   75d ago
I see a few titles that I could see myself using.

And I even say a few with somewhat reasonable prices. $2.99 for 4hrs, $4.99 for 7, $12.99 for 30days.

That's not terrible. Not ideal, nor the best value. But I don't see PS Now as being for everyone, I see it for people away from home, travelling ect.
Those prices are terrible if you are using the service primarily because you'll need access to the game anywhere, on various devices.

I think people that rag on the pricing, don't see it as being meant for people away from their home system. That's how I see it, you're paying a premium to access your game anywhere.

That said, each game I've been tempted to try - I always consider going and buying it myself if I would want to play it.
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timotim  +   75d ago
Thats my biggest problem from the fanboys coming into this article. They want you to believe this is the worse service ever yet turn around and defend PS Now and its pricesto the death. How haha?
Immorals  +   75d ago
Been waiting for this to get bf4. Downloading now :D
nikrel  +   75d ago
I just signed up!
Immorals  +   75d ago
Interesting to see this on the description 'better with EA access' http://m.imgur.com/TjL9V7N
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MelvinTheGreat  +   75d ago
Its cause you got dlc and such for less
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   75d ago
It's definitely worth it so far! It's a great deal and will only get better as time goes on!
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   75d ago
Gonna sign up today.
Monkeycan8  +   75d ago
Xbox fanboys are in full force today it seems...

@below because i'm trying to let people know they shouldn't use this service..
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gamertk421  +   75d ago
So why are you here then?
ThinkThink  +   75d ago
Yet you're pro used games and all about PSnow. ok.
testerg35  +   75d ago
I'm still not sure why you hate it. For $30/yr you get access to download/play full selected games.
marlinfan10  +   75d ago
you are aware this articles about xbox right?

and thanks but we don't need you to let us know we shouldn't use it. were big boys, we can decide for ourselves.
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Team_Litt  +   75d ago
Hehehehe, good one! Nice find.
sprinterboy  +   75d ago
What games are on offer and can someone video the app in action
MelvinTheGreat  +   75d ago
Bf4, fifa 14, madden 25 and peggle 2 or whatever its called
Mattz  +   75d ago
Amazing.. u will get £31 cash in cex for fifa and bf4 in the uk.

£20 for a year is cheap man.. hahahaha
TimeSkipLuffy  +   75d ago
what games/IPs are actually owned by EA and not just published?
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LAWSON72  +   75d ago
Well EA owns
Bioware- Mass Effect, new IP and Dragon Age

Popcap- make a lot of small mobile arcade games not necessarily a bad addition to get games like PvZ, Peggle, Bejeweled for free.

DICE- BF, Mirrors Edge and Battlefront

Criterion- making an interesting new IP

Visceral Games- Dead Space (not announced but may happen in time) and BF

And loads of sport games.

They will have a lot to offer in due time.
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TimeSkipLuffy  +   75d ago
sounds like some sports game and 2-4 other games a year.
Grown Folks Talk  +   75d ago
So estimate 8 games then. 4 sports, 4 non sports. $65 w/tax (average) = $520 for all 8. $53.99 digital with the 10% discount = $431.92 for all 8. Almost $90 saved. If it's games you don't have an immediate desire for, wait til they're in the vault.
GodGinrai  +   75d ago
Early access to the next Mass effect ( and any Multi player component) along with some other advantages this services offers?

Im in.
timlot  +   75d ago
Hot damn. Just signed up for a year. Madden, Fifa, Peggle downloading now. Already had Battlefield 4, but now I don't have to use the disc or redownload. It just works. Awesome deal.
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n3rdy563   75d ago | Spam
GoPanthers999  +   75d ago
Already onboard, starting with Madden 25 and BF4.
tlbarsh  +   75d ago
Excited for this but have been getting a server issue message for the past 45 minutes.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   75d ago
Stop the hate and denial this is a bargain for a full year $30 I'm definitely in. Will do it tonight.

Enjoy xbox owners!
kewlkat007  +   75d ago
Not a big fan of madden but why not..I would like to try battlefield if its available. I bought peggle 2 while back...never played PvZ

I think I will jump in. My Xbox live sub only cost me $38 a while back, I can afford it.
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tbone567  +   75d ago
Get off people. Im trying to download games on EA access. lol
maniacmayhem  +   75d ago
As much as this may seem like a good deal and it's very interesting along with PSNow I just can't help but feel this is the beginning of the end for physical games. It may not be tomorrow or even three years from now but I can bet that more and more companies will start to roll out the same kind of service. They will sweeten the deal by offering exclusive content to subscribers only and then flat out offering new games available on the service only.

Soon, only a few titles that are huge blockbusters will be available at retail only until that is essentially phased out. Soon the games section will look like the PC section at Gamestop.
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