EA Access is now live for everyone on Xbox One

After a short beta test, publisher Electronic Arts is officially launching its subscription service.

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Sadie2100894d ago

I'm very curious how this will do.

oSHINSAo894d ago

Wow... i was betting this was going to go live on tomorrow press conference, Nice MS

Volkama894d ago

NO. Why are they letting everyone in? Man... I felt so privileged to be included.

Now I come crashing down to earth with nothing to show for it besides a good value service from EA.

BX81894d ago

Downloading madden and FIFA now!

denawayne894d ago

For $30 a year? Count me in.

Crazay894d ago

I'll sign up tonight when I get home

equal_youth894d ago

i will stay away from this service :/

lovelobster894d ago

yes, because you have a PS4!!

equal_youth894d ago

i also own an x1.. and bf4 and i have a live sub... and i played many games on 360.. so i have a good history with ms and more so with ea..

i rly can't stand the thought that ea is bringing just that to x1 what nearly nobody of us gamers wanted and that is always online and drm on console. and of course ms jumps on board but whatever...

lovelobster894d ago

You are on denial!!, for $30 a year is a bargain!!

equal_youth894d ago

ok i give you this.. i really can't see by now anything good by this except the pricing. looks like it is pretty acceptable but i we all have to see how this pays out and maybe it chances my mind over time. maybe ea changes as a hole and in a few years we all talk about the new glory days of ea and always online and so on but today not. i see a company that wants just more money for old games or in case of bf4 broken games.

beerzombie894d ago

Must be overwhelmed now because its hard to connect.