The Conduit - New Screens

New screens of the upcoming Wii title, The Conduit.

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BulletToothtony3603d ago

wii hardcore gamers will get something refreshing... unless the gameplay is not that good..

iamtehpwn3603d ago

It just got a publisher, High voltage has been funding the entire thing, from their own Pocket, so as you can imagine, they couldn't do as much to it as they like.

Now that it has a publisher, they can do as much as work as they like

Smacktard3603d ago

I'd say... half-way between HL1 and HL2.

Hope the game plays well...

fishd3603d ago Show
phantomexe3603d ago

O yea.... that yea.. thats not ps2 right there.Looks hot ng4 must of heard you all cry for screenshots.

mepsipax3603d ago

I don't care what anybody says, it's a decent looking fps with (hopeful) excellent controls a nice little conspiracy plot, killing aliens and semi HL2 looking enemies. It's not revolutionary but it sure looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

SnakeShady3603d ago

it looks like cod4 on my PS3!!!!!!
No, i just kidding, poor nintendo fan.

phantomexe3603d ago

Looks great for a wii game plus toss in online co-op its a must have.

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The story is too old to be commented.